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Liam: our Beady Eye fan mum plays Noel music before going to bed

AMSTERDAM - Some interesting parts from the new NME out soon (I think tomorrow), I wrote down (mainly Liam parts) for you and the email readers.
The best comment I could finally say about Noel Gallagher is: I hate Coldplay, lol.
One of the many things Amsterdam is famous for - along with clogs, tulips, canals, ladies of ill repute and jazz cigarettes - is for being one of the cities (Montreal being the other) in which John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged their Bed-In for peace in 1969. Liam Gallagher, although he named his son after Lennon, is not much of a one for a lie-in. A full 20 minutes before we're due to start our eraly doors interview with him, he's already bounding up the stairs, scoping out the room, shaking our hands and then going politely downstairs to wait in the hotel bar until we're ready.
[...about the spat with Noel] Liam does not appear fazed. He's a professional, these days. He doesn't drink as much.
...The band are in japey mood, laughing and joking. Gem Archer's worried, though, that something smells... mousy. "It fucking smells of dead mice in here man!"

What would you say to a Pretty Green looter if you could?

Liam: I'd just say, 'It's gonna look fucking shit on you, you dick. Put it back'.

How is your Beatles film going?
(Danna Guo)

L: Well, it's not started yet, but it's gonna be mega, man. Script's finished, and we're just waiting to tie a few things up with Apple, to see if we can use some of their tunes. And then we'll be able to see what kind of actors we wanna get. But it's gonna happen man, definitely next year. All I really want is to get [journalist and Beatles press officer] Derek Taylor sorted. I reckon Johnny Depp would play a mega Derek Taylor. Whether he'd do it or not, those are two different things...

Liam, we share the same birthday, September 21. Next year, if you aren't too busy, can I get you a pint?
(James Allan, Glasvegas)

L: Alright young man, you can buy me a fucking pint any time.

What new bands have you got your beady eye on at the moment?
(Juliette Rowsell)

L: I like that Cults record. I don't really like a lot of music so it takes a lot to get me going. But I like some of the tunes on that one.
Andy: Cults are great, yeah.

They're not the sort of band people might expect you like, with them being so blogtastic.

Gem: I haven't got a clue how they go about their business. It's just the music. The melodies are just fucking mega.

L: It's like Lennon, man, New York Lennon.

Have you heard of Tribes?

L: Nope.

Well, they're quite good. They're from Camden.

L: They can't be any good if they're from fucking Camden.

Well, we've got a question from them...
What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?
(Johnny Lloyd, Tribes)

L: Just fucking turn it up man, and crack on, and don't change, ever. There's enough of them fuckers around, changing every two minutes.

Would you warn him about anything that was coming?

L: Nope. I'd probably get better security gates on the Pretty Green store in Manchester and that. Sniper on the building and that (...LOL). But other than that... Whenever you're feeling bored, just shake it up a bit. Because life's what you make it and not what other people make it.

Imagine meeting John Lennon at the gig in the sky. What do you say?
(Pia Braun)

L: Er... fuck knows. Dunno man. You'd just have to lick him, wouldn't you? From head to toe.

Andy: A lick's worth a thousand words, innit?

Liam, what will you do when you stop making music?
(Megan Gainsley)

L: Er... I'm never gonna stop making music man, never, ever. Never. Not unless the whole wide fucking world wanted me to.

But if the whole world wanted you to, would you?

L: (pauses) No.

The Stone Roses are getting back together, is there ever a chance Oasis would?

L: Yes, there's every chance man. I know our kid's desperate to. And with this thing in 2015 I think me and him can put our issues aside and do it without a doubt. But I still think there's room for Beady Eye and High Flying Birds, whatever they're called. Without a doubt...

Do you feel pressure to make Beady Eye as successful as Oasis?
(Melissa Murphy)

L: Nope. Not at all. Beady Eye is already a success, in my eye. Because we're doing it. And we've got plans to do it again next year. So if it becomes as big as Oasis, it does. If it doesn't, then it doesn't.

So you don't feel any disappointment when gigs don't sell out? [in UK they almost always sell out, Milan too]

L: Nope. Thrive on it more, man. The less people the better. No seriously, man. It's great when it's sold out and all that tackle, but it's a bit more of a challenge when there's no cunt there.

Adam Ant challenged you to a fight. Any words?

L: Bring it on, any time, you fucking cowboy.

You were never a fan back in the day?

L: Adam and the Ants? No. Not into a geezer who wears make-up. Especially fucking nutty ones. And tell him, 'You're not the only cunt who's off his tits'.

Why don't you tweet as much as you used to?
(Jamie Fullerton)

L: Because I hate fucking tweeting, it's for dicks. I only do it when something needs to be cleared up. I hate it. It's rubbish.

[me the same and think the same... I use it just to talk to Liam, lol]

Gem: They should just call it 'pointing out a few things'. If they called it that, a lot less people would do it. 'Have you pointed out a few things today?'

Talking about your lunch wouldn't really fall under that category, would it. So it might drive standards up.

Gem: Well, that's exactly it, innit.

L: About all that, though, it's like, come on... people need to be lined up and fucking shot man, people who do that. It's like, close the door behind'em, mate. Who gives a fuck, man?

[again, I think the same... on Facebook the same... get a life! I think it's absurd when people are happy when they receive many 'likes' on something... I would think I'm wrong on something... 'cause in general I see people don't understand a fucking anything... I would rather be happy when I don't receive any, and people mind their own things. It's ok on public fanpages and that, but on your personal things (if it was for me I wouldn't even put personal things), I've seen people even judging other people from how many 'likes' their things, photos and all receive... seriously... man, their brain is gone. If there was one. I've seen this is usually done by models, that is, little brains, or people who think to be a model, people who think everybody is a model just because they're a model. To be honest, all of that is useless, as I don't even believe in friendship, they all have some kind of interest behind]

How about me playing on a track on the new album?
(Bonehead, ex Oasis)

L: "Yeah man. Why not? He's gotta bring his Freddie Starr wig along with him though. He's a geezer, Bonehead, he's been to see some of the gigs."

Andy: "Yeah, he's been to a lot of gigs, man. He's a lovely man. He's always welcome."

I haven't spoken to my brothers for over 30 years [me Marco 2 years to my sister, as the Gallaghers :] and I no longer regard them as my family. Do you think your relationship with Noel will ever reach this point?
(Gwyneth Harding)

L: Nah, 30 years is a long time man - 29, maybe! (LOL). Nah man, no way man, nah. Because you think about it, don't you - you think life's too fucking short. All this bollocks.

Do you kind of see the end of it coming already, then?

L: Yeah, I suppose so, yeah. Because I spoke to his kid the other day onthe phone [and I already told you about Liam talking to Noel on his answerphone because their mum was ill - Marco]. I thought it was Anais [Noel and Meg Mathews daughter], but it was the little one. And it was like, 'Oh, alright uncle Liam', and you think to yourself, it's all bollocks [fighting between families], innit. But, I still stand everything that went on. And I think I've changed a little bit... I'm still me, so Noel's gonna have to get over it. I'm not gonna fucking change. And there you go. He already has changed from what... he talks a lot of shit doesn't he, these days.

Why did you drop the lawsuit?

L: Why? Because I think I got my apology in the end. Even though it was half-arsed and all that, but I had to do it man, simple. I wanna be onstage as much as people wanna see us onstage, so I had to do it for me. We're not fucking... we don't pull gigs because we've got a hangover. And they'll all realise, management and everyone in the long run, that I was doing it for us all, because I ain't getting fucking sued.

He seemed to suggest recently that he can't talk about it, or you'd start it up again...

L: He's just being a silly cunt, isn't he [HE IS, lol]. Of course he can talk about it. 'Cos he has talked about it, hasn't he? He lied, he was making up fucking lies at his press conference [...if it was only the press's also all the rest... - Marco]. So he needed to be put in his place. And I think he's been put in his place. And if he fucking carries on again, he'll get a-fucking-nother one.

But the legal nastiness is over for the time being?

L: It wasn't nasty though. I don't think it was nasty. Quite enjoyed it, to be quite honest.

How do you feel about Noel singing Oasis songs live?
[he told lies also about them]

L: They're his songs man. He can do what he wants with them.

Would you reform Oasis if Manchester City win the Premier League this season?
(Lisa Luong)

L: I'm not working if and when they win the league, man. I'd be off on a proper fucking binge. I'd find Adam Ant and I'd fucking go hide the cunt. There'd be no time for working.

Gem: And this is actually possible apparently.

L: We're two points clear at the top of the league [this interview took place just before Man City beat Man United 6-1, now they're 5 points], we're gonna fucking run away with it now.
[unlike Noel, who wished a draw for the derby... fuck off]

Gem: So pack your fucking suntan...
Andy: We're going on a binge.

What do you make of the whole Carlos Tevez situation - with him being in exile from the team [recent rumours put him even closer to AC Milan for the January transfers, no chance of peace, City and him even want to sue each other], after allegedly refusing to come on as a sub against Bayern Munich?

L: Right... Tevez is our mate, isn't he, he's lent us his box and that a few times, so he's always been cool [he also attended Beady Eye in Manchester]. But what I would say is no-one's bigger than fucking Man City. So, at the end of the day, I hate to say it, but... fuck'im (LOL), you know what I mean? If you don't get on and help your team out when they're 2-0 down then there's something fucking wrong with you. Plus, you're getting paid £250,000 a week. And I'd hate it if it was another player for another team, I'd be pissed off even if it was some geezer at Ipswich. It's just not cool, that shit like that... But I still think he's a mega player.

You'd be prepared to forgive him?

L: (munificently) Yeah. He is forgiven.

[...] If you could be any kind of lizard what would you be and why? And are Pretty Green planning to bring out a range of underwear?
(Tom Meighan, Kasabian)

L: The Lizard King, Thomas, and I thought you'd stopped taking drugs? And yeah, but not the rubbery sort you wear.

Ask Andy Bell to get Ride back together!
(Amanda H)

A: Thanks, Amanda... Is that Amanda Holden?

Well, it doesn't specify beyond the H, so you never know.

L: Student.

Have you heard Noel's album? Do you like it?

Gem: Well, I haven't heard the album, but I've heard bits, I heard Noel demo some of them songs at the time. I liked them then and I like them now.

L: They'd be fucking better with me singing, though, wouldn't they? They would be! They're good, man, but they'd be proper if I was on there.

Whose music gets played in your mum's house out of yours and Noel's?
(Michelle Bray)

L: Not sure man. Dunno. Gotta be ours though, hasn't it. She's a big fan of the Eye. Although I'm sure she plays his a lot as well. Just before she goes to bed.

Liam has revealed that after Christmas, Beady Eye will be going into the studio early next year, and will be messing about with what tunes they've got.
Speaking on the new songs he said "This one's gotta be like... eleven fucking classics on there, man. It's gotta be a life-changing record".
Andy said that the band can improve on debut album: "Looking back on the first one, we know how we can improve it. I still love it, I still think it's great, but we can better it".
Speaking on of how the sounds might develop, Liam said: "I just think it's gonna be a bit more of a grand affair."
Gem added: "Without sounding too up our own arses, it's just gonna be more of a constructed piece of work, whereas with this one, we knew it was a debut record."
The band said that fans can expect "massive" sounding songs, complete with strings, and even trumpets.
Liam said: "Noel's all like, 'I'd mention trumpets to Liam and he'd fucking spin out' and all that," he scoffs. "I wanted Henry The Hoover on Better Man and on Born On A Different Cloud as well. I remember our kid going 'What the fuck are you doing?' like that. I was like, 'We're fucking... experimenting, man'. And he was just like that [looks disapproving], tutted and walked out. And it's just like, a Hoover's always good. Henry The Hoover, man..."
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25 March - Royal Albert Hall - London


28 November - Alcatraz - Milan, Italy + review here +video bootleg here +audio and video bootleg here


lost interest... even Noel got bored of himself

10 April - Auditorio Banamex - Monterrey, Mexico (cancelled)



fans leave the gig again and ask for Liam again
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