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Oasis split because of Illuminati

MILAN - Watch this video very carefully (use Chrome). 3rd part of "Oasis mysteries"... the curse of Oasis.
The God Horus = sun... (Falling Down)
also featuring Jenson Button, Johnny Depp, etc.
the Illuminati will have to pay me a lot of money for my silence... if I find something more... and you will not know about it.
We must find who stole his soul, or better: who sold his soul... He sold it to someone... here is necessary a travel to all the Da Vinci Code places: Milan-(Venice)-Rome-Paris-London-Scotland...
Noel is watching... he loves YouTube, and always speaks about it.
If one says these are all bullshit, he's an idiot, because even Noel didn't say so when asked about Illuminati... it seems like he wants to be mysterious... he could say "no" or "bullshit" and he just said "no comment"...
I added some more things down here (more than in the video).
Noel is 100% Illuminati, absolutely no doubt. Only fans blinded by his light couldn't see these things...

Back in the years, also Liam had many strange predictions...(September 11, in 2000, the year before, but also other things). I used to say: wtf? is he a prophet? I think he now left the Illuminati.
Liam's success now sounds much more real than godlike Noel's, media darling, etc.
When Oasis album "Standing on the shoulder of giants" failed, Noel started to think about a solo career... years later: real reason for the split...
In 2002 the band members (also Gem and Andy, now totally members) started to write their songs...
On that "Heathen Chemistry" cover, Noel was the only one looking in another direction...
And that place is Paris, that years later will be: the place of Oasis split...
Last year Noel with Sara said he wanted to make sing "What a life" to Madonna...
one of the celebrities even wearing the Illuminati pyramid with the eye is Madonna...
John Lennon was also considered one among the Illuminati.
Johnny Depp too, has strange photos showing one eye... He played with Oasis in two meaningful songs about "fading"... and Liam wants him for his film...
Both the Gallaghers predicted things about the future... Both of them were wearing Illuminati Knight Bono similar rings...
I remember Liam also wanted to be photographed while kissing Illuminati Bono (even with his tongue) as Noel did. Bono sometimes covers his eye as Noel sometimes did, and made satanic gestures...
I remember there were times when both the Gallaghers disliked Bono. Probably he's got something to do with this story, he could have forced them. Also Liam had those similar rings of Noel and Bono, they told me they come from Ireland, but recently in an interview Noel said he got them in Japan... (he always have double versions for everything, he's reciting a script that someone else wrote and he forgets things, even easy things to remember... after all he was the "brains behind the band"... I write scripst for Liam, so it can't be me the one writing them for Noel).
I remember both of the brothers were over-excited to meet Jimmy Page in a backstage, and he's considered a satanist, etc. and there was also Robert Plant, both considered satanists. Curiously, the Gallaghers always "forget" to mention Led Zeppelin among their favourite bands... and they are among them (I remember Noel was even wearing their t-shirts in the early days, I must have some photo around)
Illuminati story: real reason for the Oasis split. All the rest is bullshit, they argued all their life.
I never believed all the excuses given by Noel: that were, Liam, Pretty Green, the band members not supporting, the management not supporting, etc. All the closest people to him (best friend Paul Weller, 2 brothers Liam and Paul, plus Andy and biggest Oasis fan that is me), last year they (we) all said he's telling lies.
I try to speak easily, as usual: the Illuminati is a group of a few millionaire people who want to give a new order to the world... experts said it (already) happened in 2010...
maybe you can see some of those people in this video... usually they meet in some places...
the purpose of Illuminati is the individual emancipation... (as Noel going solo...), for a knowledge given to "those who deserve it" only...
Masonry was started in London in 1717, just where Noel went to live... but masonry was born in Egypt. The God Horus is adored by the Illuminati... and is represented as a bird...
When Noel asked Balotelli if he's ever been to Africa, Mario said no, and Noel said "I was in Egypt only"...
I remember when Noel went to Egypt, he said he met Richard Branson, of Virgin... that's when he met Jenson Button ('cause in 2009 he was driving for Branson's car, and he surprisingly become world champion with a weak car...). The new car was called Brawn, made by Ross Brawn from Manchester...
That year, Branson's new car had their only one year in F1... immediate success, just like Oasis... typical of Illuminati, because they say you have to "sell your soul", and you have an instant success.
Also the car was world champion... then, the team disappeared... in 2010 sold to the Russian Marussia... same year just like Russia winning the World Cup in 2018 to host, and Noel and Button had supported England...
Also, Button always stays at the same hotel where Liam always goes...
Branson is considered one of the Illuminati...
The triangle of the pyramid is even on the cover of Noel solo American-style album... and on the dollars.
London, 15 August 2009, just a few days before Oasis split: Noel makes strange gestures, also with a triangle...
more symbols... the stars, also on the devil's face... too many "coincidences"... ‎"nearest recruit station"... and he was at a gas station.
The star also on the guitar in the Shock of the Lightning... a similar type of airplane from the Jefferson Airplane-High Flying Birds poster... on Liam's face...
On the Illuminati pyramid there's also the Blue lodge... and the Scottish rite...
the Scotsman Alan McGee, the Oasis discoverer, is obsessed with symbolism and swastika (but he's not a Nazi).
And now Noel's got a Scottish wife, Sara MacDonald, who is quite strange for him: she hates Oasis (could be the Yoko Ono, if it wasn't already Russell Brand), hates his music, hates Stop the Clocks, and is a fan of Rangers... (as the Oasis discoverer Alan too...)
Noel is a fan of Celtic, there's a huge, even religious rivalry between those clubs, as no one else in the world.
In 1997, Noel, Meg and Alan (not Liam) famously met Tony Blair, who is now considered a Nazi by some people, after the war in Iraq.
Those artworks with the fallen glass for the singles in 2000 before September 11 are really creepy, it seems someone already knew everything... Ga11agher...
after September 11, I remember Noel had said he was supporting the war in Iraq, and now he said he made a career thanks to "war"...
September 2008, just a few days before the LAST album (atomic bomb) he said he supported death penalty...
In 2008, he made a compilation and as first song he put The 4 horsemen, with the "666"...
If you have a dollar you can check this: 666, the devil's number in the height of the banknote (6.66)
behind the dollar, there's not only the Illuminati pyramid (with written in Latin: “Novus Ordo Seclorum Annuit Coeptis”, “un nuovo ordine mondiale arride agli iniziati”, "a new world order smiles to the initiated"), band also an eagle... with "E pluribus unum” ("from many, one"...)
Also Noel's favourite club Manchester City has an eagle as symbol (USA too), with something written in Latin, "superbia in proelio". These are Roman symbols, considered Nazi symbols (City biggest legend is the German Trautmann, an ex Nazi)
The pyramid is "broken" and there are 13 lines of bricks (as USA 13 stripes on the flag) and the year written in Roman numbers is 1776, that is also the foundation of Illuminati, from Germany...
13 is a fundamental number for the Illuminati pyramid, and the Eye represents "a new era"...
13 not only in the pyramid, also above the eagle: 13 stars... if you put them together, the result is a star of David...
besides, the eagle has 13 arrows... 13 leaves... 13 olives...
Noel said that "only a rich politician is a good politician because he's already rich"...
In 2010 Noel was in a film produced by Berlusconi, about his club... who often makes his Illuminati gestures...
when the communist dictatorship of China refused Oasis, Noel wrote: "them fucking communists"...
(Berlusconi would love that)
knight Berlusconi's mansion has the symbol of the city of Milan (also, Alfa Romeo logo): masonic cross of the Templar kights and snake eating the man.
That's also Berlusconi's Mediaset symbol (he wanted to buy Inter for this, but then bought Milan, mascot: the devil)
Liam's tattoo is from Elvis Presley karate philosophy: TCB Take Care of Business... - Faith, Spirit, Discipline (in a flash). Elvis was accused of nazism sometimes.
Noel always said he only read 2 "normal" books, the Illuminati's Angels & Demons and the Da Vinci code... but last year he said he loves books about Nazi stories... (I had published his favourite books list)
"Agent Zigzag, I love books about the Nazi period"... (and there's an eye with a big Z)
"as you look into the eyes of a bloody cold assassin, it's only then you'll realise, with who's life you have been messing"
(Noel Gallagher, My big mouth)
"from my crystal gazing eye, there shines a light, like dynamite"
(Noel Gallagher, Flashbax)
Another Noel's favourite film it's in the Nazi period: "Downfall. I love the black nihilism of it. They are dead.
Best of all is the YouTube parody in which Oasis have split up". And he quotes the tickets they had for the gig... (you left the band, we weren't very happy, Noel... nothing to laugh about)
on Oasis LAST album Dig Out Your Soul: in that main video (the Shock of the Lightning) containing artwork from the album, there is the eye (on Liam) and the owl (again) and the Iron Cross of the German Army, that is used in public things where one can't use a swastika... (videogames, videos, etc.)
Many characters of this whole story have a moustache and look like owls (also Noel in some photo, really strange face sometimes, and often looking like a little devil)... also Button last year grew a moustache...
And the same owl (barbagianni, barn owl) of Noel was in Liam's video I'm outta time (quite meaningful song) ... still from Dig Out Your Soul... He wear a cowboy hat and falls down.. then gets up. He was already wearing Pretty Green clothes, one of "reason" why Oasis split, according to Noel (bullshit).
On Oasis' first album (Definitely Maybe), Liam was on the floor... the film they were wastching was Noel's favourite one: the spaghetti western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (by Italian Sergio Leone, music by Italian maestro Ennio Morricone, inspiration for Everybody's on the run and more, as in some songs on Don't Believe the Truth...). Noel spoke about that graveyeard scene...
After the first album, Noel sacked the drummer Tony McCarroll, who then sued Noel...
In the video for "Live Forever", Tony was buried, and then gets up...
Oasis last video was Falling Down, single published on 8 March 2009, Woman's Day, with a woman on the floor...
that seems a reference to Liam, also for the black dog running in the park, as in Liam's Songbird video... dressed in black (and he looked like a girl in that video). Noel said he loves that song...
in Falling Down there's the "only one eye open", typical Illuminati symbol...
the lyrics seem to predict the summer split...
"The summer sun that blows my mind [the God Horus = sun] that blows my mind is falling down on all that I've ever known..." "A dying scream (etc.) we live a dying dream, if you know what I mean... In time we'll kiss the world, goodbye".
The story of that video is about the Royal family... Noel always hated them...
See the pyramid: "monarch, illuminati & mafia"... ("time to wake up, people")
I remember some months ago, the Queen put Liam on her Honors List... (as CBE Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) ...the news was given only by some American sites...
And but last year Noel said he would love to become a Knight... (!)
Lucifer: the light bringer... first song: "Bring the light"...
the Illuminati (beady) eye... (and Beady Eye looked like inside an eye).
in fact, beady eye was quite a strange name, and it means: a hidden eye that see everything, just like the Illuminati eye.
On the other side (Noel's), the owl, that is another Illuminati symbol, that is a bird...
the name of the new bands sound like provocations between them: still Illuminati (beady!) eye and still birds and owls...
we must find an expert of symbols: Robert Langdon, lol.

Unfortunately I had only 15 minutes for this video. Another of Noel's favourite books is "One minute to midnight" by Michael Dobbs, and Noel said: "This is an hour-by-hour account of the 48 hours leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis, and it's staggering. At midnight, nuclear war was going to start. Kennedy woke up the next morning and realised that there were good people on the Russian side as well. The army were pushing Kennedy towards war, and likewise with Khrushchev, and it very nearly happened".
Noel also said that he wants to be the new President of America... (and his "band" will disband in November, that's when there are the elections...). Kennedy: born 29 May 1917. Noel Gallagher: born 29 May 1967... both 29 May... exactly 50 years of difference. Zodiac sign: Gemini, double.
I'm Gemini too, but at least I was born 9 June as Pretty Green, that began in Milan.
Noel, as I know you love YouTube: stay away from politics. That's not a good sign. Also because, recently you said you want "something horrible to happen" for you (classic self-harm from you), because you feel your life is all right and you would like some troubles. For example, that mad fan entering one of your houses was not a nice thing. We're already enough "mad for it".

more to come from godlike Oasis crystal ball of "Don't Believe the Truth"...
more special stuff to add soon
(not to be thrown at cows)
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