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Liam: if someone acts like a vagina to me they can expect a punch in the face. Beady Eye songs make you younger

NIEUW VENNEP (Holland) - Photo: the other day in Milan, Liam and Gem behind.
First part of the translation from Oor Magazine, I corrected it a bit: 
After the sudden breakup of their old band in Paris August 2009 they have not wasted any time with the creation of a new goal in their lives. Oasis or no Oasis, Noel or no Noel, one thing is new for sure: We will continue. With top producer Steve Lillywhite behind the desk, Gem and Andy on the steering wheel and a very involved Liam as frontman, are the ‘’leftovers’’ of Oasis quicker than their old boss Noel and are presenting their new band and album with an already sold out tour throughout the biggest club venues in Europe.
Oor talked to the whole band in separate stages.

We’re missing something, in the London office of Beady Eye’s management, a rock throw distance from Regent’s Park. Outside it’s snowing; the big storms of December are approaching. Oor knows this area pretty good: for Oasis this was also the no-frills interview spot. However, we never saw anyone else rather than Noel sitting in this room, and now the whole band is sitting here. Well, almost everyone. Formally Oasis, now Beady Eye.
On our right side is guitarist Gem Archer, in his long black coat. He seems the half of his 44 year of age and seems scary a lot like McCartney during his Fool on the Hill era. On the other side is Andy Bell, bassist in Oasis and now guitarist in Beady Eye. He is the first to answer all questions and the one which other band members keep asking questions. Chris Sharrock, left from Andy. Didn’t we see him in the nearby pub? Such a type, the ex drummer of Robbie Williams only joined Oasis in 2008, when the last Oasis record Dig Out Your Soul was already finished. The world tour should have been his warm up, it turned out his swansong. He smiles heavily: ‘’Golden Earring was already taken!’’ while the others think why they named the band Beady Eye. That’s right such a geezer. And then an empty chair. It wouldn’t be….
Yes, Liam is missing on this first international press day of Beady Eye. He’s sick, the flu. Someone from the management and the three band members have stated ‘’really ill’’ within a few minutes. Even Andy Bell is sniffing as if he had gotten the same flu. We give him the benefit of the doubt.

Back to Paris August 2009, the Rock En Seine festival. What actually happened?
Andy: hard to say, because it was already going on full throttle before we even knew about it. A fight as we had seen them so often. It’s silly. It always comes out of nowhere.
Gem: It’s better you don’t get yourself caught in, just let them settle down. Noel just went away. He walks away more often, but now he slammed the door and after a little bit through his blog. Even though we knew it was definitive. But why after this altercation I don’t know. I think it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Noel Left. What did you do that evening in Paris?
Chris: We all went for a drink in the hotel, it became a really long night. I felt as if I had won the lottery and had suddenly lost the ticket. I think I was the one who was gutted the most. What now? The others weren’t that worried, weird enough..
Gem: of course not. In Paris we all said, oh we’ll just do something else.
Andy: eeh.. it wasn’t that easy. I was pretty much in shock due to all the confusion. But big worries about the future? No, no not at that moment.
Gem: It was a bit like Blur. A few phone calls where made, where were you and Liam? The Como lake?
Andy: Yes, three days later we would finish the tour in Milan and our wives and kids had booked the tickets. Non-refundable, as it goes nowadays. So Liam and I went to Italy. After the phone calls we all knew one thing for sure, we don’t want to stop making music together. Oasis had ended. Something totally new had to be created. But we really wanted to continue with each other.
Gem: It was the brothers that had a fight, not us. Should that be the reason for us to stop making music? In one blow break the band we had build up all those years? Noel called quits, he was the one who was done with it. Liam wanted to continue. The decision made itself.

When did you guys restart?
Andy: Before Oasis had broken up me and Gem where already making demos during the lost hours of the tour. Often with Liam. A lot of ideas where born through that. After the tour we took some time off and came together to see when we would start the next plan. We decided to start the plan a month later. After a few beers we thought; fuck it! We’ll see each other Monday!
Gem: We began pretty specific, each a song. Millionaire, Beatles and Stones and The Roller where the first three. By Christmas we had 6 songs. That’s how we continued till we had 13. We all had 4, Liam 5 and they all ended up on the record in chronological order of writing except for Four Letter Word which we put as an opener. The rest is all phases of 3 songs.

When did the project become a band?
Gem: It had always been a band, man. Always a band. Even though the name came later. We always took in account that this was a debut record. It’s not a follow up, not a continuation of something. It’s new.
Andy: Look, without Noel you have no Oasis. But we felt as a team and too strong to make this a ‘’project’’. I understand that it will take some time to get used to as an outsider. You look at us and you see 4 guys that look a lot like Oasis. But for us it feels so different, from within.

Is Beady Eye more democratic compared to…
Andy: Yes, in comparison to whatever Oasis was, is Beady Eye a democracy. The hierarchy (*onderlingen verhoudingen.. difficult to translate) is totally different.
Gem: Oasis was already structured when we came in, so on those terms we were already behind on the hierarchy. Noel was always the one to make decisions, he chose the path forward. I almost always agreed with him an if something really bugged me he would always listen. Noel was a great boss to work for.
Andy: It was extra fun and special when your song which get on an album, or Noel or Liam would ask for your opinion. Now this is a lot more normal, we now all build something instead of passing the bricks.
Gem: If one of us doesn’t want something then no one will. Do you get it? We don’t vote and say 3 to 1 so we do it, no all four of us or we don’t do it at all.

Does it feel different to play without Noel?
Andy: Yes, and the answer is already in the question, Noel is not there. He is has a dominant personality, you can’t go around him as a musician when he is in the same room as you. Without his overwhelming presence the dynamics in the room change, you get a different band. That is the difference: it is no longer his room, it’s our room. We do what we do, we watch out for the people that are there and not for those who aren’t.

Is Liam different if Noel is not around?
Gem: I think we knew him pretty well, he hasn't changed that much. What does strike me is the amount of interest he now has for the whole process. I always seen that he didn’t care as long as the the record would be done. He was often not there when Oasis was in the studio. But that's was mainly because Noel wanted to do everything himself anyway. Now he is mixing, mastering, doing artwork and all other details and not wanting to be there to have his say but because he really cares. Even in meetings about side issues he joins in. He has a lot of insight on different matters but was snowed in by the leadership of his brother. The man has a huge amount of power. That he is no here today, I think it's the first appointment he has missed since the show in Paris.

Two weeks later, just before Christmas, Liam's on the telephone. The man who just had wished his brother a happy Christmas through Twitter. He offers his apology for his absence on the press day. He was really ill, but he is now feeling a lot better. It's snowing in London right now, he says. At this moment only one song has been released to the public, Bring the light. And the album title is known (DGSS). Liam is very happy about the great reception his band have received. 

Liam: It's amazing. Is Amsterdam sold out? Great! I knew we would grab some attention, but not that it would go this fast. People really like to see us, it seems. And we have just started! It feels good. And what pleases me even more is that the band is great. The rehearsals are going fantastic. We're really putting something down, no bullshit, something that is really worthwhile. Is gonna be brilliant!

No nerves?
Not anymore, now that we have been playing for a few weeks. I'm never afraid of anything, but sometimes you ask yourself can I really clear my head of all the things that became a habit. This is a new band man, this is not Oasis. All the old things had to go, we had to start from scratch. Thankfully we felt comfortable right away, the transformation went quicker and easier than expected. We all know each other for so long, and this proves we've got our heads in the same direction. Ever since the first rehearsal we've been looking forward, never looked back. And this is how we still do it.

You guys have got a new title: Different Gear Still Speeding. It seems like an obvious title..
Yeah, its not a difficult title. Its sounds good. It has energy, the same as in the band. Beady Eye is a new band, we've just started, and play on another level than Oasis, in a different gear, but we still have the same effort and intensity. And we're doing it for the same reasons. I said it one night, someone wrote it down and I read it the next morning and though: This will be it, pretty cool!

It is more clear than the name Beady Eye, that's also your creation right?
Yeah I like it. What it means? Don't know.. Why is a band called what its called? It sounds good or it doesn't. Beady Eye top name. In the end of 2011 people will call their children like it. A top name. In a few months people won't know any better. Our heads will always be associated with Oasis. I didn't want to continue as Liam & band. Might have been easier for a lot of people, but I wanted to be in a band. And if Oasis can't continue, than we'll do it with Beady Eye.

What was the first thing you did after Oasis had split?
I was in Paris and thought, that's a shame, because we still had a lot of good music we could put out. On the other side I did see the end coming, to be honest. It had to happen soon or later.

How did you notice the end was near?
People were not working on the same thing any more, they were doing their own thing. Noel was always the one... Noel always said it was me to blame. Bye!! He did all the interviews for Oasis, he was always able to control the image that was sent to the outside world. He was actually living in his solo career, we only saw each other on stage. Just like the technical staff. Oh well, we decided to continue, to do something else. No one is dead. I'm proud of what Oasis has accomplished. Too bad it had to go like this. But what's done is done. And today we're here!

What exactly happened?
My version: we had a fight. Noel had been behaving like a dick for months on tour. He knew I wouldn't take it much longer, I can be in your face if it comes down to it. I think he did it on purpose. That evening I snapped, I was fed up with his behaviour and I told him what I thought. If someone acts like a vagina to me they can expect a punch in the face.

Would you have done or said anything different if you knew what the consequences where?
No, first no one knows what happened apart from us two. It wasn't on the telly only us two know why it got out of hand. But I've always been honest to myself and acted to my feelings and I was really fed up. Too bad for the band though. He got his way. And now I have got a great band.

According to the other members Beady Eye existed right after the incident.
We got back to the hotel, had a few beers. Then the mood was like: we'll think of something else. The end of Oasis was a fact, we all knew this. That was that. When the dust settles we'll see what's left and with what we'll continue. We had some tunes. I had demoed some things with Andy and Gem during the tours. Enough perspective for the future. Ever since those beers in Paris I haven't looked back.

You always said ''I am Oasis!'' how is it for someone who has lived as Oasis for 20 years to suddenly be pulled out of it?
Hmm I could let that go. I now just tell everyone Beady Eye is just a name. And I have learned this was also the case for Oasis. It's just a name. What really matters is what I do, under what name it doesn't matter. I think I didn't leave much behind with the end of Oasis. Only the music, the songs I sung that were written by Noel. That's gone. But I'm still here. With new music, music of my own. Oasis was an empty shell in which all sort of people contributed. My contribution was one of the things that made Oasis work. Now I'm putting my energy in something else. That's the difference. Oasis is behind me now.

Did you recognise and difference while recording this album?
Oh yeah! I had a blast! The studio was around the corner from my home, I could walk over. Start at 12 in the afternoon and finish at midnight. With Oasis the album was done when I went to sing my lines and the studio was empty. Now we worked as a band through the whole thing, I wasn't used to that. Gem had thought of making the vocals an important part in the build up of the song, first the drums then the bass and then the vocals. Really as an aspect, not as something afterwords. This made the sound a lot better, it sounds really together. Exactly what I wanted. I could finally make myself useful throughout the whole process. That's how it felt at the end of the day, I made myself useful.

The others named the return of B-sides something that went missing in Oasis later years. What else did Oasis lose?
Well the B-sides where for me the most important. I love B-sides, we've got some brilliant tunes laying around, why not? And further.. I think Oasis lost some of its original energy along the way. The band got bigger and bigger and bigger. Everything was set in stone. The expectations were sky high, due to ourselves or the outside world. Things NEEDED to be done. We got rid of that now. We only have to make music now. We throw everything on one pile and make some great music out of it. Its refreshing. Makes you younger, I feel younger now I sing these songs. Without a doubt.

On a song like For Anyone you let us hear a whole different Liam then we are used to. Does the way you sing change as your age?
Well it's more that you now hear it like this. At home I always sing like this, the rest of the world doesn't hear it. In my own songs I always sing different then those from Oasis. Only people mainly know my Oasis voice, so that's why it seems different. I write lighter than the Oasis bulk. That is really big, heavy sound in which you have to throw a lot of energy to make yourself heard. Especially live, it's a force measurement, shouting and snarling. On my own I don't need that, then I can give more attention to my voice and technique. When we're on stage with Beady Eye I will put in some extra power. But on the record you hear me like I sing at home.

Now your input as songwriter is bigger than ever, does it change the way you write?
No, that hasn't changed. My view on songwriting hasn't changed. If I would never write a song again I wouldn't mind. Maybe the next record will only be Andy and Gem. But I already have songs for the next record... oh well I write when I write, and no other way. I have been in a band for 20 years, if I hadn't been making my own songs then I wouldn't have been paying enough attention. But I don't see myself as a writer, the other lads are a lot better at it. I see myself as a singer, how many songs of mine will be on an album I don't care.
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Liam Gallagher tour 2017-2018-2019-2020-2021 gigography

30 May - O2 Ritz, Manchester, England
1 June - Electric Brixton, London, England
4 June - Rock im Park, Nürnberg, Deutschland
5 June - Pinkpop festival, Landgraaf, Nederland
10 June - Olympia theatre, Dublin, Ireland
11 June - Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland
14 June - Bergenfest festival, Bergenhus Festning, Norge
24 June - Glastonbury festival, England
6 July - Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Srbija
9 July - Festival Les Ardentes, Liege, Belgique
15 July - FIB festival Benicàssim, España
21 July - the Tall Ships Races, Turku, Suomi
23 July - Lollapalooza festival, Paris, France
28 July - McKittrick Hotel, New York City, USA
30 July - Rough Trade, New York City, USA
2 August - Park West, Chicago, USA
3 August - Lollapalooza festival, Chicago, USA
5 August - Osheaga festival, Montreal, Canada
10 August - National Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, Beijing, China
12 August - CR Shenzhen Bay Sports Center Arena, Shenzhen, China
14 August - Manila’s Mall of Asia Arena, Maynilà, Pilipinas
17 August - Zepp, Tokyo, Japan
18 August - Sonic Mania, Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan
20 August - Summer Sonic, Osaka, Japan
22 August - Jamsil Olympic Stadium Seoul, South Korea
25 August - August Bank Holiday Weekend, Leeds, England
27 August - August Bank Holiday Weekend, Reading, England
9 September - Dcode festival, Campus del la Ucm, Madrid, España
14 September - Vogue Fashion Night Out, Terrazza Duomo 21, (acoustic show), Milan, Italia
22 September - Reeperbahn festival, Hamburg, Deutschland
7 October - CalJam, San Bernardino, California, USA
29 October - Samhain festival, Weston airport hangar, Dublin, Ireland
30 October - Sse Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland
1 November - Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, England
2 November - BBC radio Theatre, London, England
7 November - Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London, England
10 November - Party in the Park, Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, United Arab Emirates
13 November - Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, USA
14 November - The Wiltern, Los Angeles, USA
18 November - Gothic Theatre, Denver, USA
20 November - First Avenue, Minneapolis, USA
21 November - The Riviera, Chicago, USA
23 November - Rebel, Toronto, Canada
25 November - House of Blues, Boston, USA (postponed)
27 November - Terminal 5, New York City, USA
29 November - Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC, USA (postponed)
30 November - Union Transfer, Philadelphia, USA (postponed)
3 December - First Direct Arena, Leeds, England
4 December - The Sse Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland
6 December - Pavilions, Plymouth, England
7 December - Alexandra Palace, London, England
9 December - Sleep in the Park, Edinburgh, Scotland
10 December - Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham, England
12 December - Arena, Birmingham
13 December - Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales
15 December - Brighton Centre, Brighton, England
16 December - Arena, Manchester, England
30 December - Falls festival, Lorne, Australia
31 December - Falls festival, Marion Bay, Australia
2 January - Falls festival, Byron Bay, Australia
4 January - Enmore theatre, Sydney, Australia
5 January - Forum theatre, Melbourne, Australia
7 January - Falls festival, Fremantle, Australia
12 January - Bitec Bangna Hall 106, Bangkok, Thailand
14 January - Ecopark Convention Centre Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia
12 February - Radio X rooftop, London, England
23 February - La Riviera, Madrid, España
24 February - Razzmatazz, Barcelona, España
26 February - Fabrique, Milano, Italia
27 February - Granteatro Geox, Padova, Italia
1 March - X-tra, Zürich, Schweiz
2 March - L'Olympia, Paris, France
5 March - Columbiahalle, Berlin, Deutschland
7 March - Ancienne Belgique, Bruxelles, België
8 March - Afas Live, Amsterdam, Nederland
17 March - Lollapalooza festival, Hipodromo de San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina
18 March - Lollapalooza festival, Parque O'Higgins, Santiago, Chile (cut, postponed)
22 March - Lollapalooza festival, Autodromo de Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brasil
27 March - Parque de la Exposición, Lima, Perú
13 April - Snowbombing, Mayrhofen, Austria, Österreich
10 May - The Masonic, San Francisco, USA
11 May - Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, USA
13 May - Sony Center for the Performing Arts, Toronto, Canada
14 May - Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Cambridge, USA
16 May - Central Park Summerstage, New York, USA
17 May - Festival Pier at Penn's Landing, Bala Cynwyd, USA
19 May - Lincoln Theatre, Washington, USA
27 May - The Biggest Weekend festival, Coventry, England
8 June - Northside festival, Aarhus, Danmark
10 June - Parklife, Heaton Park, Manchester, England
15 June - Malahide Castle, Dublin, Ireland
16 June - Ormeau Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland
21 June - I-Days Festival, Milano, Italia
23 June - Isle of Wight festival, England
29 June - Finsbury Park, London, England
30 June - Trnsmt festival, Glasgow, Scotland
5 July - Palladium, Köln, Deutschland
8 July - Les Eurockéennes, Belfort, France
10 July - Les Déferlantes festival, Argelès-sur-Mer, France
14 July - Latitude festival, Hanham Park, England
22 July - FIB festival Benicàssim, España
20 July - Vieilles Charrues festival, Carhaix, France
25 July - Stimmen festival, Lörrach, Deutschland
10 August - Sonorama Ribera festival, Aranda de Duero, España
12 August - Sziget festival, Budapest, Hungary
17 August - Rize festival, Hylands Park, Chelmsford, England
18 August - Emirates Lancashire Cricket Club, Manchester, England
24 August - Zürich Openair, Schweiz
25 August - Rock en Seine, Paris, France
15 September - Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, Marina Bay circuit, Singapore
13 December - Union chapel, London, England
5 June - Hackney Round Chapel, London, England
8 June - Medimex festival, Taranto, Italia
21 June - Metronome Festival Prague, Praha, Česko - Česká republika
23 June - Irish Independent Park, Cork, Ireland
26 June - Eden Sessions, Eden Project, Cornwall, England
29 June - Glastonbury festival, England
4 July - Collisioni AgriRock (literature and wine) festival, Barolo, Italia
11 July - Bilbao BBK Live, Bilbao, España
13 July - Pohoda festival, Trencin airport, Slovensko Slovakia
14 July - Atlas Weekend, Київ Україна, Kyiv Ukrayina
17 July - Moon&Stars festival, Locarno, Svizzera
18 July - The Granaries, Floriana, Malta
27 July - Cap Roig festival, España
28 July - Festival de Carcassonne, France
3 August - Mtv Unplugged, Hull City Hall, Hull, England
10 August - Smukfest, Skanderborg, Danmark
24 August - In the Park 19 festival, Helsinki, Suomi Finland
1 September - Fall in Love festival, București, România (cancelled)
7 September - Gibraltar Calling Festival, Gibraltar
14 September - Peaky Blinders Festival, Birmingham, England
21 September - O2 Ritz, Manchester, England
9 October - Chase Center, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
16 October - Viejas Arena, San Diego, California, U.S.A.
19 October - T-Mobile Park, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
21 October - Rogers Arena, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
24 October - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
11 November - Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales
12 November - Birmingham Arena, Birmingham, England
14 November - P&J Live, Aberdeen, Scotland
15 November - The SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland
17 November - Utilita Arena, Newcastle, England
18 November - FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield, England
20 November - Manchester Arena, Manchester, England
21 November - M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool, England
23 November - 3arena, Dublin, Ireland
24 November - 3arena, Dublin, Ireland
26 November - Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham, England
28 November - O2 Arena, London, England
29 November - O2 Arena, London, England
6 December - Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane, Australia
7 December - Fairgrounds festival, Berry, Australia
9 December - Enmore theatre, Sydney, Australia
11 December - Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, Australia
13 December - Meredith Music Festival, Australia
14 December - Bird in Hand, Adelaide, Australia
17 December - Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, Australia
18 December - Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, Australia
20 December - Spark Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
(1 February - Spektrum, Oslo, Norge, cancelled)
2 February - Annexet, Stockholm, Sverige
4 February - Vega, Copenhagen, Danmark
5 February - Sporthalle, Hamburg, Deutschland (interrupted)
7 February - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Nederland
8 February - Forest National, Bruxelles, België
10 February - Palladium, Köln, Deutschland
11 February - Tempodrom, Berlin, Deutschland
13 February - Tonhalle, München, Deutschland
15 February - Palazzo dello Sport, Roma, Italia
16 February - Mediolanum Forum, Assago, Milano, Italia
18 February - Gasometer, Vienna, Österreich
20 February - Halle 622, Zurich, Schweiz
21 February - Zenith, Paris, France
12 March - Club Social music festival, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE (postponed for coronavirus)
13->18 April - Snowbombing festival, Mayrhofen, Austria (cancelled)
2 May - Beale Street Music Festival, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
24 May - Boston Calling Music Festival, Harvard Athletic Complex, Massachusetts, U.S.A. (cancelled)
12 June - Heaton Park, Manchester, England (cancelled)
18 June - O son do camiño festival, Santiago de Compostela, España
26 June - Tinderbox festival, Odense, Danmark
3 July - Rock Werchter, België
11 July - Trnsmt festival, Glasgow, Scotland (cancelled)
16 July - FIB festival Benicàssim, España
18 July - Latitude festival, Henham Park, England (cancelled)
19 August - Vital, Belfast, Northern Ireland
20->23 August - Cabaret Vert festival, Charleville-Mézières, France
28->30 August - Reading & Leeds festival, England (cancelled)
17->19 September - Metronome Prague Festival, Praha, Česká republika
19 September Summer sonic, Japan
16->18 October - Shaky Knees Music Festival, Central Park, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
29 October - NHS workers concert, O2, London, Great Britain
19 June - Rock in Rio, Lisboa, Portugal
10 July - Trnsmt festival, Glasgow, Scotland
27 June? - Lucca Summer Festival, Italia
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Beady Eye gigography and next tour dates


30 May - Forum, Milan, Italy (the first "Noeless" gig since 1991 when he didn't join Oasis yet)

summer tour without Noel


16 November - Andy Bell unplugged - Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden (bootleg)


3rd & 4th March - Barrowland, Glasgow, Scotland +here and here + bootleg
6th & 7th March - O2 Apollo, Manchester +bootleg 1 +bootleg 2
9th & 10th March - Troxy, London +bootleg 1
13 March - Casino de Paris, Paris, france
14 March - E-Werk, Koln, Germany
16 March - Alcatraz, Milan, Italy +dvd bootleg
18 March - La Riviera, Madrid, Spain +bootleg
19 March - Bikini, Toulouse, france
21 March - Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland (bootleg)
22 March - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium (bootleg)
14 & 15 April - The Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland here a bootleg image
17 April - Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland
20 April - O2 Academy, Newcastle (a photo here)
23 April - Centre, Newport (photo and bootleg)
30 May - Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany
+a photo here + win tickets here
8 June - Saschall, Firenze, Italy +my story here +bootleg here +win tickets here
11th June - Papillons de Nuit Festival, Saint Lo, france
12 June - Isle of Wight festival +story here and here +interview here +videos here +interview and bootleg here
25th June - Theater of Living Art, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
30 June - Rock Werchter, Belgium (bootleg)
1 July - Main Square Festival, Arras, france +a photo here
7 July - BBK Live Festival, Bilbao, Spain
9 July - Oxegen Festival, Naas, Ireland
26 August - Reading Festival (win tickets) +videos here +review&video here +bootleg here
3 September - AX Hall, Seoul, South Korea
14 September - Twinkle Rock Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
7 October - Atlantico, Rome, Italy +main bootleg here +another bootleg here
+win the concert here
11 October - Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland (postponed)
13 October - Gasometer, Vienna, Austria (postponed)
31 October - Theater Caupolican, Santiago, Chile
2 November - Teatro de Verano Ramon Collazo, Montevideo, Uruguay
3 November - Teatro Colegiales, Buenos Aires, Argentina
4 November - Personal Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina
5 November - Planeta Terra festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
12 November - O2 Academy, Sheffield
14 November - O2 Academy, Birmingham
17 November - O2 Academy Brixton, London
2 December - The Warfield, San Francisco, U.S.A.
3 December - Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, U.S.A. +another complete review here +win tickets here and here
5 December - First Avenue, Minneapolis, U.S.A.
6 December - The Rave Ballroon, Milwaukee, U.S.A.
9 December - Terminal 5, New York, U.S.A.
10 December - House of Blues, Boston, U.S.A.


new tour


3 June - Abbey Road, London (acoustic) +bootleg here
7 June - McClusky's, Kingston (album launch acoustic gig)

8 November - Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland



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