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Oasis haters ridicule themselves

NORTHAMPTON - Here you can see an example of Oasis hater, from "Drowned in Sound" (what the fuck is it?), a site so many Oasis fans will avoid.
He wrote a negative review about the new album by Beady Eye, and that's ok, we don't expect everyone likes them, especially among the media (the media darling is Noel) but you can see how ridiculous the "journalist" is, as he gave "0/10" as vote ahahaha when even all-year-long-haters as The Sun and Dailystar wrote positive reviews.
Yes it's a miracle, tabloids results even more serious than certain "music" sites.
His review can't even be called a review, no professionalism at all, and there are insults and bad words... how can it be a serious music review?
Not very serious the site too, making review Beady Eye by one who clearly hates them, everything about them. He's biased, with preconceptions.
He's butthurt, snobbish, sounds like he's a bitter failed musician and had his girlfriend fucked by Liam Gallagher. Nah we've seen her, she's too ugly. Also, Iìwe've seen him without this hat and he's becoming bald at 27 years old already. Masturbating too much. Sounds like one who is sad and not having fun at all. Must be a fan of Noel Gallagher. Proud to be much older and with all my hair. Same as the Gallaghers, who are clearly no wankers.
Also, he makes it a political, social issue, when the albums by the Gallaghers are also famous for being out of politics, unlike Radiohead and similar shit.
He's a Radiohead fan (oh really? Noel would say: the freak is rising up through the floor), he "drinks too much wine" (hence the review), plays cricket and was born in 1986... isn't he a bit too young to write reviews? In 1986 I almost had girls already and this one had his nappies changed. He must have had that job sucking some dick. I wonder how some people get even PAID for bullshit. Should be sacked. Kicking his ass.
He must have been offended by Noel or Liam years ago commenting on Radiohead. What a face of an idiot, looks like an hysterical effeminate wanker. Here he would be mocked forever. What a creep.
Same as that bunch of Irishit wankers posting bullshit for months, of course they were also Radiohead fans.
Noel would say the same he always said about Australians: "his only hope is cricket. Fuck you, cricket player".
Assholes as this one could even put the Gallaghers together and make people who don't like them become fans, seen the ignorance of this cunt.
I made him even more interesting than he is. As there are many Beady Eye haters around, he probably wrote that to become a celebrity. Desperate. "The future gets written today" chance for him in the future.
Still, days after this review, he's not exactly popular, resulting just a prick.
If you see him around in Northampton or elsewhere, remember he shouldn't exist (thank God nobody ever heard about him).
I never get British people hating the Gallaghers... they made millions of people love their country all around the world. Well this is a kid who was 8 years old in 1994 and doesn't know anything, knowing things from the Wikipedia. British people usually don't care if foreign people love them, and as Noel says "everybody hates the English"... But it's as if in music I hated Pavarotti or Morricone... impossible. It sounds like they haven't a lot to be proud of...
Also, would love to see him saying all those things in front of Liam... he would surely ask for an autograph, like a fanboy.
Be careful with the giraffes behind...
Now we're even more sure it's a great album, in fact it received many positive reviews, I mean serious ones.

comments about him:

"You are entitled to your opinion, but to suggest that the album has absolutely NO redeeming quality, and then to go on to berate the fans of the band as people who 'don't deserve music' you have lost all credibility whatsoever. A 0/10 is just lazy journalism, but on the internet I guess it's a way of attracting attention. Ridiculously pretentious, criticism that's sweeping and wafer thin at the same time, and so irredeemably ignorant of anything about the band or the songs, I'm not sure this even qualifies as a 'review', more like an unorganized rant of a wannabe, a music elitist, who considers himself to be above the FANS of a band because they like the songs. Here's MY review of this review: 0/10."

"What a horrible horrible review.... it really makes me sad wankers like Dan Lucas are out there..... get of your high horse, get the pretentious dildo out of your middle ass and just enjoy a simple pop rock album....
I've met so many people like you before, if Flick of the finger was a rare remix b-side, by Atlas Sound/Grizzly Bear/Arcade Fire etc etc, you would love it..... your're so full of shit :o("

"Congratulations to the reviewer for this, possibly the worst review ever written. You could get a job at the NME you condesending arsehole. This kind of crap is why real music fans let the music do the talking and avoid pointless reviews by jumped up failed/wannabe musios."

"Chill out, Dan. You just sound like a very sad person with an inferiority complex. I guess the purpose of your writing style is to appear sophisticated or intelligent, but seriously, get a grip."

"Dan Lucas, either you are deaf or mentally retarded to give 0/10 to such a good album. Seriously, get help."

"No wonder journalists are placed in equal opprobrium to politicians when want to be idiots like this are let loose on publications."

"To be honest I'm more offended at the consescending description of Oasis. Britain (like this reviewer) is a nation obsessed with class but categorising such an important band as a bunch of nostalgia-merchants is like calling the Beatles a highly successful skiffle group."

"The first time I have been on the DiS website to read a review, and the last. This isn't really a review is it? This is a vendetta against Beady Eye.. The reviewer has stated a strong dislike for Oasis, so really there is no chance Beady Eye would get a good word. That wasn't a review, that was just a complete bitching session.. Nice to meet you DiS.. Goodbye"

"Dan Lucas' Beady Eye album review (read unsubstantial, badly researched, scathing critique on a pretty solid album). Lets face it the new Beady Eye record isn't exactly Mozart, but by reading this review you would be led to believe they have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity."

"I'm embarrased for the reviewer, never before has such inane tosh been peddled as intelligent comment in the history of the internet. Not sure what your day job is, but for the sake of your mortgage I hope its not based on your writing."

"What a terrible review and bit of journalism, I would be embarrassed by this article regardless of whether I was a fan or not. Verdict on Dan Lucas -7/10."

"Dan Lucas... absolute twat!, write a realistic view or don't bother at all, I suggest you retire and go back to knitting tweed cardigans you spanner."

"Opening track ‘Flick of the Finger’ succinctly embodies every reason that BE, that Beady Eye, shouldn’t exist."? Ehh, really? It's a great tune. End up, shut the fuck up."

"I'm a massive Oasis/BE/NGHFB fan, and I'll agree that the album wasn't QUITE up to scratch (However, it's slowly growing on me)... But come the fuck on, that's a bit fucking harsh, mate!
I don't get how you can even begin to justify giving the album 0 marks...
I think your manager or whatever needs to take a look at this review and realise that you are not fit for your job.
You are a complete and utter moron, mate."

"Wow... Dan, every post I see you make just drags DiS down further. Someone there needs to have a word with you before you do your site's rep real harm."

"DL seems to like creating a fuss . Get a proper job dickhead."

"What a shitty review. This album is fantastic- this motherfucker is clearly biased against the band and is acting like a twat. Everywhere else, BE is scoring great numbers. Won't be returning to this website for reviews ever again.
It's possible to express a negative opinion without coming across like a 15 year old on a Japanese Anime forum."

"Easily the worst review I have ever read. The reviewer is condescending, shallow, smug, and wholly devoid of any actual insight."

"What an absolutely pretentious, smug, musical snob of a c*** you are- by the sounds of things you've just written that review based on preconception and haven't even listened to the tracks"

"Good trolling piece. Guaranteed to get more traffic onto the site."

"I don't like Beady Eye, but let me say this...
"The 'upbeat' tracks on here are grotty, nasty pieces of work that sound like T-Rex might if Marc Bolan was a seedy, perverted sociopath..." _ IS THAT A BAD THING? SOUNDS AMAZING."

"most of this review, aside from inserting song titles and lengths once he could actually stream the album, was written without hearing it. It's tough to be objective in the face of predisposed bias, but a good review should do that. Maybe he did, but this review surely doesn't indicate any effort to do so.

"Listened to this last night and actually felt pleased for Liam that he'd got his head out of the sand and tried something a bit more creative. Weird, because I never had much respect for Beady Eye before. There's some nice ideas, decent melodies and production sounds lush.
Too bad this review is so smug and preconceived."

"Many Biffy-loving DiS readers - and writers - may find Oasis irrelevant, but for millions, they weren't. And like it or not, they've massively shaped both music and popular culture in the UK. Dismissing that legacy as is done here makes the author look petulant and undermines any value the review might have had."

"My beef with the review is that choosing to review something you have a predisposed bias against, making up your mind before you even hear it, then spending part of your review not only lambasting the album, but the fanbase is, to me, the lowest, laziest form of criticism."

"It's easy to bash the Gallaghers but having listened to this a good few times I can only assume you haven't. Not one part of the record sounds like 'Songbird' and 4 of Don't Brother Me's minutes are a shoegazey soundscape that wouldn't sound out of place on a Spiritualized record. The first single isn't great and you can slate Iz Rite for the 'Rain' drumbeat and the Robbie Williamsesque chorus but the rest of it is solid and inoffensive with some genuinely decent melody and production and far less derivative than a Gallagher album's ever been before."

"Not really a review is it? Just a Gallagher bashing by another student! As proved by the comment Dan makes below about Danny Dyer and Liam Gallagher. I understand why its being reviewed but surely it should be by someone unbiased which the reviewer clearly isn't. Anyway is music not meant to be expressive and people take what they want from it? I can honestly say ive never went on any site to put down any band if I don't like their stuff I just don't bother with them. I don't go out my way to talk shit about them as so many people seem to do about Beady Eye. I think Mumford and Sons are shit but outside the context of this post I wouldn't join a fan page of theirs and go on there saying how shit they are! They just ain't my taste but someone else somewhere will love them. Doesn't make me right doesn't make him right, its just music and as long as people somewhere are enjoying it then these "reviews" (not really a review) are pointless! And why people like Dan Lucas are reviewing anything who obviously had another agenda with this "review" is completely beyond me."

"You just created a whole new level of snobbism. 'Hey', you probably said to yourself, 'you know what would be cool and original? Let's first mention the fact that bashing Oasis-spin-off's is too easy and risks being called a snob. And then, when I made that remark - including also a very cool unique word which gives me intelligentsia credit - then let's indeed smash the album anyway, so it actually makes me look very cool and original and hipster, cause yeah man, I know good music'.
While actually, this whole thinking process that preceded your review, makes you a sad snob indeed. Step out that silly hobby-ism music review world which is hopelessly last century, get a decent job and try to listen to music album without immediately thinking of ways how to review it to make an impression.
And when you do want to keep practicing this boy hobby of being a music reviewer, just fuckin write about the music and the songs, instead of ignoring 9 other songs which contain at least 4 or 5 enjoyable tunes for almost everyone. Songs like Start Anew, I’m Just Saying or Soon Come Tomorrow are decent songs with lovely melodies and vibe, nothing bad to say about stuff like that. So don’t. It makes you look like an fuckin child asking his mother to watch him jump the pool.
PS checked the bonus tracks as well?"

"What a pretencious condescending attack masquarading as a review. Dan Lucas obviously could not detach himself from any bias towards Liam Gallagher.
Instead he decides to insult him, any fans of his work and make an obvious hipster move in decrying Dave Sitek's involvement.
No-one is discussing "class war" in music other than yourself Mr Lucas. Your reference to Pulp has me intrigued as to whether you've also judged Jarvis Cocker's output against Common People?
Next time be a grown-up; if you can't review an album fairly step aside."

"You are stupid, deaf idiotic fucking stuck up shitbag Dan. And your a shit reviewer, someone with a gallagher vendetta should not review an album. I feel for you after reading this, I would HATE to be you."

"While I'm not a fan of this album, I'm even less a fan of the author of this article. What a prick."

"wow, what amazes me is that the critic is generally against the whole thing and nothing could have stopped him from writing a 0/10 review not even such a good album as BE. it's actually unprofessional and grotesque."

"Personally, I think it's a good album. Even if you don't like this album, it would never deserve 0/10. The production is great, and it's much more creative then their previous release, as well as many albums this site gives 7's and 8's."

"I may well agree with this review, as I don't think BE are very good. However to give the album to a reviewer who clearly hates every aspect of the band seems devoid of reason, and leaves possible new readers with little but a rambling vendetta."

"Attention whore."

"mafia vendetta put a beady eye on him, whose weapons, rapidly developed by servile scientists, will become more and more deadly until they can with a flick of the finger tear you to pieces."
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