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Marco's Big Mouth (and long tongue, my friends call me Salamander ^_^). I really have it, and my dentist thinks I'm a lion. An English lion. A Venice Saint Marco lion. Here are October (and November) Marco's angry quotes, better than Oscar Wilde ^_^. Oasis style. So sincere. You hate or you love Marco. More likely: you hate him ahaha

"immigrant peasants from the countryside still add on "Facebook" their photos in what they call "clubs" to show everybody their idiot drunk faces, communists not caring about privacy... provincial buggers. People from the city are vips, don't even take photos, it's normal, and kick paparazzi asses. The french call them "parvenu"... It means they do the things of citizens, but still have no proper manners."

"I wonder what's the point in adding fake profiles... girls add yourself a brain please... then they say "I liked the profile pic" ... you seem bugger men adding thousands plastic bitches hoping to fuck one".

"Michael Jackson movie was a big flop, nobody has gone to see it. People understood that he was just a paedophile environmentalist... above all: mental."

"All you put on Facebook is nothing precious at all, cos it's public, you know what I mean. I'm removing deleting erasing useless people... cos I still have to put too precious stuff, not for the public. So help me and it will be faster: remove yourself, I just don't care."

"Smashing Liam Gallagher's big mouth is the only good job mafia did."

"Liam wants to form a new band, he said maybe it could be a shit... here's the difference between Noel and him, Noel would have never said that, cos he never makes a shit."

"Facebook is the biggest loss of time in human history. Almost all the people are into games and bullshit, not even answering to messages or events, afraid of everything, afraid even to speak cos they feel to be a Princess while they are a rubbishit, so one then looks only at the usual women looking for some men to take money from, very typical of women, everybody asking all about you, read my profile you dumbass."

"Andare con le mignotte è di destra. Coi trans è di sinistra. Ma coi trans "si può fare", perchè sono dei poveri diversi. Privacy privacy! Meglio le mignotte, anche perchè è difficile non trovarne."

"Close friends using Facebook 1 time a month, they'd better use gay Twitter with the lil blue bird whistling. Liam uses that."

"french professors are cunts. Anyway Liam is a cunt too, he copied those scarves from Milan, as all the rest. He seems a Chinese nazicommunist fucker."

"(Stairway to Heaven) There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold and she votes Obama."

"Obama on November 27th will give a speech about aliens and he'll say that "we are not alone in the universe", he's an alien and will destroy us all. He already started. Killing us softly. This is the Big Change. What did you expect, free beer and arses flying."

"Inter Milan is a gay team... strong with weak ones and weak with strong ones."

"Giulietta è una zoccola, Juliet is a clog, that is a bitch, everybody knows... that story is a fake, a fake fuck."

"To all those "in a complicated relationship": leave your partners, life is already complicated enough."

"The reason why Marco is so happy with no reason is that he doesn't fucking care about anyone. Too much time in my life spent caring about other people, not even able to thank. It's beautiful to become aware that loneliness worths a lot. Unfortunately you're never alone."

"Facebook, being an American idiot, has the Obama flu: change change change. Yes, change your brain. Whatever they do, it's rubbishit. KEEP !!!"

"There are too many girls around who think they're beautiful so they do the precious ones... we have to find someone who doesn't care about anyone and tell them they suck, but where can we find him? Ah Marco! ... Girls you suck."

"Who the fuck cares of who becoming friends of who and fuck off to Facebook and all its changes."

"Marco administrates 58 groups, one more interesting than the other one, the biggest has 5.000 members, he's got hundreds sites and webs, so he's fucking cool. Am I happy with that? NO I'M NOT!!! I WANT MOOORE!!! The newspaper said he's a benefactor of humanity. Good evening planet Earth." (similar to Noel words)

"Why don't they call it Gamebook, cos I see it's the main activity around, innit. They surely had a difficult childhood with no games, we see the results nowadays, ye know what I mean. Get a fucking interest in yer life."

"Erasing people.... When people play facebook games instead of answering to the message you take the time to write them, this is the proof of the existence of idiocy in the world."

"Will the super rich Inter or Zürich win in Spain against the super rich Real or Barça? Shut the fuck up, you can only receive charity from Milan... I'm DELIGHTED as a fucked cow... GUIDO GODE COME UNA VACCA."

"The most ridiculous thing is that people feel a hidden happiness when other people comment their status and things (symptom of an empty life), while I'm happy if they think about their own fucking business."

"Real Madrid-Milan. Tonight it's hard. Come what may, we're Milan though and you all suck."

"Come on people, you're not playing enough idiot games tonight and posting pathetic links, go on please I miss them, how can I be angry without your bullshit."

"Marco e la solita intelligenza femminile di scongelare il frigo senza mettere stracci nè secchi sotto... casa allagata e mangiare inzuppato (ovviamente lasciato sotto la lastra di ghiaccio)."

"Jimmy of "Look back in anger" (theatre) is like me. A kind of challenge to women. But the woman who can face the challenge was not born yet. Women always say they are the stronger sex, but in reality they're terribly weak and afraid of everything. They're even afraid of contacts on "Facebook", where you can see all of a person. Afraid cos in the world there are bad people so we all pay for this. As a result I'm always angry, at least sometimes I wake up some of them."

"They're changing all Facebook again pffffffffff... and why I can't put a network... I want Italy, I want England network, I want Milan network, I want Falkland islands, I want Fucking islands."

"I accept only bad girls."

"Marco is a different breed yeah man, he's outta ya league, he's 10 outta 10 alright, get outta his way yeah man."

"Some people should throw themselves down a cliff cos they're useless. Take inspiration from Quadrophenia but throw yourself."

"Zanella-Gallagher life's not stable since Oasis split."

"Jewel fingertips are like mine because of guitar. Jenson Button had to use the hands of another person for a tv advertisement cos he's got feminine hands. Think about how are boys hands after looking so much at your photos on "Facebook" (handbook?)"

"Australians should be sleeping now... as usual."

"I don't listen to depressing bands and my life is happy. Simple. Besides, Muse copied Radiohead and Coldplay, they are the bad copy of rubbish. Another boy band for idiot girls who don't know anything about music, in the 90s they still had their nappies changed, now screaming "uh how beautiful is the singer!!!"... if he is, my name is Brad Pitt."

"I will never go with "second-hand" girls, so 99,99% of girls."

"I just think the contrary of Oscar Wilde: I like men with a past and women with a future."

"I repeat for the "stupid girl": I'll never go with "second-hand" girls even if it's Claudia Schiffer or Angelina Jolie. 99,99% of girls are even 3rd, 4th, 20th, etc hand, and they even suck, so stay away from me. Buggers and wankers even use "Facebook" to put their personal "best photos". No need to put any. And I don't see any best around. And of course I don't put the best in this shitty Fakefook."

"Stop playing Fakefook idiot games, stop bla bla bla, stop uploading photos of your idiot face, get a fucking life."

"You're gonna get the sack... I don't fucking care about you, you, you, you, yes you too."

"99% of you are useful as an ass without a hole. You, you, you, you, yes you too."

"Please somebody stop this man (Liam), he continuosly comes to Milan. He fools around gays but now he dyes his hair and uses make-up as they do, so Noel fools him around."

"I like girls with glasses cos it's rare to find a girl who at least looks intelligent."

"People write me mails as though I was a fact Me am."

"I think foreign girls should live their fucking bugger lives at home among the penguins, not coming here for complaining. If we look by them, places "in the arses of wolves", there is just one thing to do: a big fire to burn everything. Signora finlandese, torni tra i muschi, i licheni e le renne (Prosperini). Maybe at home u find Santa Claus with reindeers, so stay there."

"All the people think about adding people on "facebook", while the point is removing them, until a few ones will be left, maybe only 1, wonder who will be, cos I'll do it soon or later, I already started months ago."

"Removing all the bitches from my contacts, wonder whether 1 girl will be left... usually those bitches are useless: they don't fuck, they're simply fake."

"After so much vomiting against men, of course on Facebook and not in reality in front of people faces, you coward rabbits, here is the group "The woman owns a brain" (from the book "Wonderful tales"...)"

"People use Facebook to "conquer" someone with their photos, while to me it's ridiculous and I don't fuckin' care. Don't appear, just do and be."

"I think that people who have contacts abroad should learn some English and write in English, not in their fucking weird tongues, cos if I start speaking the language without which yours would have not even existed, you don't understand 1 thing as usual."

"Many people even think they could know someone looking at their photos on "Facebook"... call it superFicialbook."

"I can speak 4 almost 5 languages as Mourinho, so I'm Quadrophenia and you all suck."

"Obama the Saviour of the Universe, Nobel for peace?! Another confirmation of what I think about Norwegians... a bunch of idiots."

"Right, listen this is serious: there's a crack in Marco heart barrier cos it's busted, and you can't fix it, and we can't do the gig. There you go. Everybody 2 or 3 steps back from me. You are gonna get the sack, then you, you, you, you........ yeah then you too. You're all gonna get the sack. See if you can make it till the end..." (similar to Noel in Manchester)

"Discarding friends as autumn leaves... just 1 thing to say and no need to say anything more: pffffffffffffffffff....... disgusted. Considering to close Fakefook."

"Who knows you, already knows you and doesn't need facebook."

"Who doesn't join this group, is weak as an empty bottle. So don't join, it's normal ..almost the whole world is empty."

"Sind sie bereit? Ich bin müde! Ihr Leute von Facebook seid alle schwach wie eine Flasche leer!! Alle Strunzen! Ich bin zwei Jahre hier gespielt, spiele keine Spiel, bin immer verletzt. Was erlauben Strunzen! Ihr seid immer qua qua qua qua qua, pla pla pla pla, chu chu chu chu chu, pla cha pla pla pla.. Was verstehen de training? Ich habe fertig." (similar to Trapattoni speeches)

"Obama makes the same face in every photo. I wonder if he's alive or embalmed. My poor grandmother always said: do not trust people who laugh only in 1 way. Well here he's smiling, but not very different..."
"I think I'm becoming Forrest Gump and speaking by myself... mad fer it... fuckin' genius as Noel. As the newspaper said: Marco you're a benefactor of humanity."

"Women are terribly attracted by illiterate ignorant men. E.g. bricklayers or Di Caprio, that is the same."

"Esti Ginzburg is a woman and does her duty. Bar Refaeli is a recommended, skived from military service and could not marry anyone but an idiot as Di Caprio."

"There are some people who are funny as a finger up the ass. Besides, they're useful as an ass without a hole. Conclusion: beat the shit out of them."

"I believe more in God than in human bullshit. They don't believe in God but believe in radical chic cinema. My faith's unshakeable. God is punishing them all. I would rather live my life as if there’s a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live my life as if there isn’t and die to find out there is."

"Not all the cities have a golden statue of Our Lady protecting the city from above... that's why we are the best."

"These were good gigs cos we were on the front row: that one in Lucca was a struggle: also during the night with 2 English girls in my bed."

"Stop posting pathetic bullshit, thanx. You make the people sick and wanting to do the contrary. You're not forced to post summat or comment. Just shut up."

"I think that every REAL Oasis fan should put "widowed" as relationship status. Don't tell me you're engaged: bullshit. Stay free, you gotta have fun so come on."

"The toilet is the best place to perform a gig, cos while I sit down there on the toilet bowl I can think about a lot of shit people."

"Girls please stop offering material to wankers for masturbating. I don't even look at your photos. Do summat useful for humanity: give yourself. Cos you sound like a perfume shop assistant."


"Why should I go to London for 1 night on Saturday for Liam, who I hate, and not tonight for Noel, who I love? You love what you hate."

"I wonder how one could be beaten by Liam, he's a stuffed shirt, during the fights look how awkward he is... as when he plays guitar... even an old lady would kick his ass... in fact Noel always did."

"Dye on his hair and make-up... The women like experienced guys, even with grey hair, so he wants gays to like him. The more you're into a thousand women and clothes, the more you become a fag. Fact."

"Today I got another Pretty Green shirt, a red one, for a girl... charity for Liam... Pretty Green is gonna fail... I did it only for her and cos they gave me a hat and there's free shipping... come on I love you Liam. The truth is that I wanna go to London to kick him."

"As Hello said: I got a feeling you still owe me... Having seen the prices, Liam should offer free clothes or at least a discount for Milan fans who prepared all for months for the last final show, and then no gig."

"Next weekend the sexiest girl comes to visit me. The sexiest girls are not on Facebook, Facebook is for we buggers."

"I'm super happy cos the sun is always shining and I have people travelling thousands kilometres to visit me, and I think this is the best way to feel loved, innit."

"No wonder Oasis talk shit of shitty Australians. Aussie...Ausshit. I wonder how does it feel to have the flag of another country in yours. All the Australians I've known in my life, they were all idiots, and I should always erase them. Electricity didn't arrive in Australia yet, to give them the right news and education."

"How could one lose against a rich team full of idiots as "Cretino" Ronaldo. The super rich are gonna make a shit. Again. To be the best one you don't have to change all "Obama style", buying the best ones and being in debt with all the banks, but keeping the best we already are."

"This spaghetti dish I cooked now, is called LIFE. Get a life. All you eat is shit. Eating shit, you don't live."

"Fucking hell, what an asshole is Liam. No sense of fashion at all, they seemed tramps... if the Stone Roses were the best dressed, my name is Giorgio Armani."

"The people are without a character. I have too much, I'll lend you some for Christmas."

"Luxuria: "il coraggio è donna"... muahauahauha donne rappresentate da un trans, guardate quanto coraggio avete... Luxuria nuovo inaspettato idolo. Ci vuole un uomo per fare una donna. [ Women with no courage. It takes a man to make a woman. ]"

"All those with more than 400 friends should get a life. You're not Obama, full of fantasy friends."

"Berlin wall, 1989-2009, 20 years. Today's Italian Army day, maximum respect for all the soldiers. Sometimes I find communist girls from East Europe and I think there's nothing more stupid and ignorant, probably their grandparents or parents didn't tell them anything about that... If they're still alive. In those countries, communism is even forbidden, it should be so also in Italy but our communists are a bunch of idiots."

"Fucking tired of seeing people playing idiot games, gimme a reason and I erase you, I don't care. NOBODY ever seems to remember LIFE is a game we play."

"Hey you bitches, with all the money you get from your fucks, pay yourself an English course so you stop writing in your shitty weird useless tongues."

"Wondering whether Adsl already arrived in other countries... I'm not at computer 24 hours per day, if you write me and even moan about me not answering, you're an asshole... go chatting with some wanker, you daft prick."

"Some girls think they're beautiful and even intelligent, but they confused the b they are, not beautiful but bitches, it's quite different.

And those who got offended, they are that type of girls."

"All the women are interested in plastic idiots and money, you make me vomit. All of you, you, you you, yea you too. And you call yourself a woman. That's exactly what you are: a woman. I can see now why some become gays. Women suck."

"Models suck. Have u ever seen nude a model, right: too thin. And without make-up in the morning they're awful. And of course, being women, interested in money and idiots. Models suck."

"All complicated bitches going with old rich ignorant men... that's the world nowadays. It's because of the "crisis"... In my next life I wanna be a woman so I'll have an easy cunning life."

"I see many profiles around with pornographic photos but Facebook erases normal profiles as mine (10 times), Facebook is an American wanker masturbating on your photos.

Obama is controlling the web so that's why I've been erased so many times. More than Democratic party it's Tyrannic party."

"Some even think that the more you have friends on "Facebook", the more you're popular. It's the contrary, the LESS you have, the more you care about privacy, that's why I should erase almost all. Uuuuuh how good you have 5,000 internet people wanking on your photos."

"People you should use condoms not fer yer dick but on yer head, cos it's more dangerous what you do with that, innit. All of you, you you you, yea especially you. And of course cos you're a bunch of dickheads, ça va sans dire."

"I always wondered how some people can meet Facebook people they don't know. Maybe putting all their photos so it looks like "reality"? To me it's quite weird, because they're interested in fucking photos, but above all I see people are all scared of everything so I think it's impossible to meet them. There was a model @ Miss Italia, proud of saying in front of millions of people that she knew her boyfriend on a chat (!). You bitch ahaha, I would have rather hidden down the ground, I'm too old-minded for this. All summed up, what's Facebook for? Proabably for playing idiot games, Gamebook Superficialbook Fakefook, the place where you don't fook but you fake."

"I was thinking that so far in my life I haven't found even 1 person I wouldn't call an idiot, even relatives or best friends, so imagine the rest."

"V for vendetta... vengeance...
people who don't answer to the message you take the time to write them (but they play idiot games), and/or those who remove you from friends without saying anything, SHOULD LEARN EDUCATION, good manners, and to give a lesson to those behaving that way, I saved all their photos, and I'll put them on escort bitch sites."

"The previous use of Facebook was to find the old school mates, that is people who you don't fucking care: "thanks" to fucking Facebook I realized that the 2 most beautiful girls when I was a child, they became quite ugly. A girl growing old, will always become ugly. An old boy is good, an old girl is always shit. Fuck off the time passing and as usual fuck off Facebook."

"A french girl told me french people don't speak English cos it's too easy. Right, so easy that they can't even speak it. She told me she doesn't read my book against french people cos she doesn't read shit. Right, it's shit cos it's about french people."

"All the people think I'm very bad, because of what I always write. Of course I'm very good. You'd better be careful of people who seem good, cos they're very bad."

"I always wondered why East Europe girls are so beautiful but East Europe boys have so idiot faces. Maybe cos it's cold so they drink much.

Probably some communist roots. Maybe that's why those girls all come here soon or later. Not only speaking a dodgy English (if they speak some), now I found out they don't know Oasis ahaha get a life."

"Erasing all the people disturbing on Facebook. Someone should start minding his own things, and the rest of the world following his example. Of course it could be me cos I don't fucking care about anyone."

"I think people who use Facebook too much, they are too relaxed and get used to stay on it and often confuse reality with Fb. I leave it open all day, but when I use it I'm fucking angry cos I see the bullshit it is."

"You can't imagine how many bitches and wankers are on the internet nowadays. And all the biggest bitches go with "the son of.." this or that vip... just a case! (of course saying to newspapers that they would marry a poor one, so they're "politically correct"). Maybe it's because they like sons of bitches.

Oh how poor is that poor one, let's say on the newspapaper that we would marry him so he's happy and we do some charity... BUT, we fuck with the rich one. Until the next one. Rich, of course. Pathetic communist hypocrites."

"Wondering how modern people can be a bunch of so unlucky buggers to put all their useless personal photos on the internet. We're all bitches, who more, who less. Who whore, who mess."

"There are some people speaking bad of Milan: they are jealous models who are not beautiful enough for Milan.
More than speaking bad, they should think about they have gone bad.

We want the "virgin" models, you are old.

To compensate now they use "Photoshop", thinking that we are stupid as they are."

"After using Facebook the people become paranoid, if they're not already. They block people as cowards, for stupid reasons, and in this way the accounts are erased, losing a lot of things, for such stupid people."

"models are a bunch of moaning bitches who complain about everything and think to be beautiful so they want everthying for them as the Princess on the Pea, but: have you ever slept with a model? Right, you surely noticed how thin they are, too much thin, so much to become ugly. You feel as though you have just bones beside you. So we have to moan about them. Normal girls are MUCH better."

"I still can't get why the "all the same" people put (many) photos of themselves on internet... but I've got some clues..... Boys are wankers trying to find some girls, as girls are bitches."

"Information: in summer it's warm, in winter it's cold. The thoughts you convey, if you haven't got a superficial soul, depend on the changing of the seasons. If you moan about that, keep on being an immigrant and go away.

Those who can't get the emotion of winter, of snow as children, of being at home with the family, but want "always summer", they don't understand anything."

"It's Funny to see how people add on Facebook Fucking Fthousands Fantasy Friends, attending Fake Fashionable events, writing what they're doing, playing idiot games, wasting time commenting on personal stuff they put on internet, all Fthings I don't Fucking care. Facebook is the worst invention in modern times, erasing people profiles and keeping violence, pornography, etc. In a few words: a social society of a bunch of idiots."

"Funny how the people are worried of keeping contacts at Christmas, while during the year they're a bunch of assholes. It says a lot about their brain. Surely it's because they want to receive gifts. When I receive a message on the phone: merry Xmas. Me: merry Xoff."

"I can't still get the use of many personal photos on internet. I would understand in case of bitch. They tell me it's "for fun". I'm sorry for their sad life. Or maybe they use Facebook as a wedding agency, as Russian prostitutes coming to steal in England in the movie Birthday girl... They steal anyway, as their only interest is money."

"It's cool to look at people around the world on Facebook. The french are obsessed with love, I think they're sick. They're not natural, they're totally false, actors, and they want to be adored, quite ridiculous. I tell you, I hate them. The Polish think everybody in the world speaks Polish. Inform them: nobody speaks Polish outside Poland. The french are similar in this as well."

"The people will criticize you, when you quarrel with someone, even when you don't, they'll make you take the blame, but it's their problem, not being able of keeping contacts."

"I'm always angry cos I'm well-informed about the world and I know well how the people are. ...

As Oscar Wilde said: The thoroughly well-informed man, that is the modern ideal. And the mind of the thoroughly well-informed man is a dreadful thing".

"Just stop wishing happy new year, you make me sick. New year, 1 year older, new decade, 10 years older, you're closer to be an old bitch. Well everybody knows you already are. Otherwise you wouldn't put your ass on "Facebook".

"Don't you think it's just pathetic when some girl puts summat on Facebook and after only some seconds there are so many wankers commenting, liking, etc. it seems they live for Fakefook... eiaculatio precocis, innit."

"Fakefook functionality is directly proportional to the shit the most of people are on it."

I will add more...

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Noel Gallagher solo gigography, and Low Lying Turds tour dates

(although his blinded fans say he's a "new solo artist", it's 20 years he's around and already played "solo" gigs previously (the first one in 1994), with the help of other people of course, as the Unplugged 1996, the gig for Tibet, the tour in 2006-2007, London, Milan, Manchester, Moscow, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, Australia, etc.)


25 March - Royal Albert Hall - London


28 November - Alcatraz - Milan, Italy + review here +video bootleg here +audio and video bootleg here


lost interest... even Noel got bored of himself

10 April - Auditorio Banamex - Monterrey, Mexico (cancelled)



fans leave the gig again and ask for Liam again
..... € 10 = £ 8

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