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Noel Gallagher idiot of the century - more fans reactions

CARDIFF - So it was R.I.P. Noel Gallagher 11 September 2012.
Can you imagine if it was Liam saying those things... would have been a scandal. They became just "Noel's quotes"... usual bullshit. As I knew, only a few websites published them... they build only the Noel Gallagher they want, in their fantasy, a perfect one.
I see there are even still some children (not the "starving children in the world depending on it", Noel's mother must be proud of him...), I mean the arse lickers of the fake man, the liar Noel Gallagher, still defending him even in front of the evidence of how idiot he is. They don't even realise (too difficult for their little "brains behind the band"), they're sleeping, as usual, they not only don't know him personally, of course (as they live far away in another world), as typical Noel's blinded fans they don't even listen to his interviews, they don't even read his blog, where he DID insult them, many times. Well done Noel, they're total cunts. Of course they don't have the balls to put their names, they must have learned from their idol, the scaredy cat. They're the usual little fankids, "really kids", as Noel calls them, lost generations. They still love my website, says a lot about them... their name must be Sotomayor, the one who likes to be sodomized. They're passive, as I was writing in some post. The little bitch Noel Gallagher with all his money must have paid them for their services... after all, it's the same job of their mothers (very common job, the oldest in human history, especially among American idiots without a life, idolising celebrities as teenagers, disappointed by Britney Spears, they changed her poster with Noel Gallagher's, naked on his Grazia magazine, singing in falsetto to reach the high notes, with male fans who want to marry him... these people, as Noel, need a doctor, a very good one ... it's one year I'm saying he needs a psychologist).
They can't live without his depressing and depressed music, made with the same 5 chords, as he said.
They're worried about their idol's album sales, if you reply to his insults to everybody, it's like offending them... says a lot about their lack of personality...
Noel Gallagher, with all the money he's got, is a deeply sad man. Miserable.
After all, Noel, British (?) icon (?), already licked their arses with his American album (recorded there, with American-style songs, American videos, American band-copied name, another American band-copied lyrics, American actresses, etc. and candidating himself as new American president), having a disappointing result... 28th in the chart.
No he's not a British icon, he didn't even qualify from the group stages, Liam reached the final. The media darling Noel Gallagher wins prizes only when people are NOT voting... (as in a dictatorship), as the "godlike genius" from his Nme.
If I find (I will) Noel Gallagher somewhere, I should make him pay for all the bullshit he always says, insulting even his own fans who made him rich. But they deserve to be insulted, having seen the assholes they are...

more from real fans:

"Liam constantly shows his appreciation when the fans are pumped at a gig and always gives some attention when people are around. If Noel likes to be grumpy, fair play to him, but speaking in the name of everyone is just a lame manipulation of facts."

"As for the starving children comment, not wise. It's something Johnny Rotten would have said back in his heyday. If Noel has any intention of slowly aging into an elder statesman of UK rock, he needs to think before he makes such juvenile statements. It's one thing coming from a young punk, it's another thing coming from a middle aged multi, multi-millionaire."

"I don't believe it for a second that the other band members cared less about the fans than Noel did. You can tell the difference in their attitudes towards their fans...demonstrated by their last/current tours. Liam truly does give a shit, you can tell."

"I don't agree with Noel saying no one gave a shit about the fans. I was watching Lord Don't Slow Me Down a few weeks ago and there was a clip from the documentary where Noel and Liam are fighting and Liam curses Noel out about him not being appreciative of the fans... Something along those lines. I've always been a big Noel fan, and I find Liam to be okay, and I must admit I've usually took Noel's side, but I'm with Liam on this one. I definitely believe Liam cares more about his fans, not to say Noel doesn't, but I think, when watching interviews and documentaries, Liam does express his appreciation towards the fans and it was always so obvious that he loved Oasis, more than Noel. I also don't think Liam wants to do a reunion for more money or fame, they all already have all that... So isn't it obvious it'd be for the fans? They both know how much the fans want it, Liam wants it, if Liam wants it Gem and Andy must be behind it too, right? At this point Noel seems like the one who doesn't give a shit, really."

"The only loser in this war is Noel, when he makes comments like this. Don't you see? Liam has nothing to do with what Noel has a whim to do. Fans react with confusion and hurt when Noel says things like this. You should be prepared of his game. Tony McCarroll even made a book about Noel and his complex for truth and tendency to fight with the world."

more to add soon
(to be thrown at Noel as he did with cows, especially during gigs where he was often attacked...)

“Not even if all the starving children in the world depended on it”.
(millionaire "God" Noel Gallagher)

it seems that man's got some brains problem... once again: he forgot where he comes from...

"Wow and people are still defending Noel? Noel fanboyism to a whole new level".

"Where do you get the idea that Noel appreciates his fans after that comment? I don't see it. I definitely don't see it from the concerts he gives either. And I honestly don't think it's about the music anymore for Noel. It's about the MONEY, period. Is it any wonder he didn't play the Olympics? He couldn't be arsed because he simply wasn't going to get paid for it! His attitude and work ethic since the breakup of Oasis has been frankly disgusting in my opinion.
I for one do care about his attitude toward his fans. I'll say it again. He wouldln't be where he is today without his fans. When I was younger, it may have been more about the music for me too but now that I've gotten older, I've gotten wiser. Noel should have gotten wiser too. THINK before you speak, Noel. At least act like you still care. I recently pre-ordered his *special limited edition* dvd from his website and now I'm just thinking about cancelling my order because I have such a sour taste in my mouth.
Liam was and always will be the heart and soul of Oasis. And now we all seeing why."

and Noel "the brains behind the band", without a brain.
Liam shows he cares and when he performs in a small venue, it's like a stadium. My grandmother had more energy than Noel Gallagher the old depressed fake man.

"Yet another example of why I have always preferred Liam, and always felt that his position was overlooked. Sad really.."

"When August 29, 2009 first came down, my first thought was, "Oh, poor Noel--he couldn't put up with Liam's behavior any more." Three years later, I think, "Poor Liam--HOWEVER did he put up with that mean little old troll all those years?"
Time and the truth always unfold eventually. Now we all know it: Noel was getting old and lazy. He couldn't admit it (like a real man would), so he set a trap for his dumb brother in Paris, manipulating him like he does his family, his fans, and everyone else in his life.
It was Liam who went out on a wire with nothing but his throat, kept his integrity, ans showed his courage. The rest of the band knew who had the heart and soul--and who was a conniving creep.
I saw Beady Eye in a small hall, and I was so close I could have caught Liam if he'd fallen offstage. He went at it as though he was in Madison Square Garden, ended the gig soaked to the bone with his own sweat and he was white as a ghost, He sat down on the drum riser for a second, took a long gulp of bottle water, then shook himself like a dog and got back up there in front of that mic.
I went later to see HFB and Noel just looked bored, like he wanted the gig OVER with so he could be somewhere else--anywhere else. The old songs were the selling point, but Noel sold them a long time ago--to US."

"wow, i've always stayed neutral with the whole fight between these two but Noel comes off really bad here. Liam plays medium to small venues across the world for his fans and Noel acts like some king in a castle making moves.
Noel needs liam just as much as Liam needs Noel. However, when liam says he loves rock n roll i believe him.
Now you really start to wonder why guigs and bonehead called it a day when they did. not to mention his attacks on andy bell post oasis split.
I can accept that we was a control freak...he controlled them to fame and fortune. but this? really makes me look at him in a different light."
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