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Noel Gallagher says he's not the voice of a generation

MEXICO CITY - Another exclusive revelation from Noel the angel: 
"At a press conference ahead of his two concerts in Mexico City, Noel Gallagher REVEALS (and all his fans went: "awwwww") how he is not a fan of the internet and that he doesn't see himself as the voice of a generation." 
well of course and thank fuck, his mentality is old as fuck... Of course this and much more can't be said on Noel's internet websites (where he is the voice of a generation), also because of the word "fuck", a scandal for them, God Noel never says that.
He's definitely not the voice, maybe just the voice singing in falsetto...
He said he hates internet but likes watching videos on YouTube... this is proof that the enemy (N-M-E, NoelMusicalExpress) is among us...
as when he discovered (after some years, as a retard) that his "new" songs were already on YouTube... Noel... LOG OUT... but let alone the wire!!!!!!!!! (as when he wasn't able to turn off Sara's computer)
It's amazing the way he acts as a poor victim, for everything, - oh he's not good enough, etc. - saying things that he knows well that his fans and the media think the opposite... (who consider him not really "not GOOD enough" but GOD...)
in fact, about this he had said he's gotta a lotta new fans, "really kids"...
absolutely true, in fact they always show they don't know anything about Oasis.
It's all calculated, you know what I mean, he is a "built" character... (as many people among celebrities), as Liam says: he's a fake.
There are so many contradictions in what Noel says, see also on his internet blog...
At this conference he also said he doesn't like Stop the Clocks... the same even for his wife, who hates his music. Again, he must have seen on the internet my image of the previous post.
Noel the jinx is definitely in Mexico, 'cause City won and United lost. Mexico is a place for kidnapping people, isn't it, in some Noel's American films... it was somehow one of my anticipatiiiions.
Photo above, meeting Mexican fans. As I posted some time ago: if you want a beautiful girl, the worst place to find them is @ Oasis (the Gallaghers) gigs, especially Noel's gigs. Well of course I put myself among Oasis fans, as I'm not a model nor a beautiful girl, lol.
@ Noel's gigs you can find ugly girls, depressed girls, easy-crying moaning girls, scaredy cat girls, etc. I've seen around the ones going to his gigs...
as Noel had said, Liam gets all the cute girls who want sex, Noel the psychopath ones.

The dictator is about to fall... more about this soon...

Mario Balotelli was suspended for 3 games only, so he could play the derby, and he said sorry. Peace with Mancini.
Italy coach Prandelli defended him, saying that it's only about tackles and not behaviour (not sure about that...), so it's clear that he's going to call him for Euro 2012, so we're gonna have some fun in June too :)
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30 May - Forum, Milan, Italy (the first "Noeless" gig since 1991 when he didn't join Oasis yet)

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16 November - Andy Bell unplugged - Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden (bootleg)


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30 June - Rock Werchter, Belgium (bootleg)
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11 October - Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland (postponed)
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2 November - Teatro de Verano Ramon Collazo, Montevideo, Uruguay
3 November - Teatro Colegiales, Buenos Aires, Argentina
4 November - Personal Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina
5 November - Planeta Terra festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
12 November - O2 Academy, Sheffield
14 November - O2 Academy, Birmingham
17 November - O2 Academy Brixton, London
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9 December - Terminal 5, New York, U.S.A.
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3 June - Abbey Road, London (acoustic) +bootleg here
7 June - McClusky's, Kingston (album launch acoustic gig)

8 November - Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland


Noel Gallagher solo gigography, and Low Lying Turds tour dates

(although his blinded fans say he's a "new solo artist", it's 20 years he's around and already played "solo" gigs previously (the first one in 1994), with the help of other people of course, as the Unplugged 1996, the gig for Tibet, the tour in 2006-2007, London, Milan, Manchester, Moscow, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, Australia, etc.)


25 March - Royal Albert Hall - London


28 November - Alcatraz - Milan, Italy + review here +video bootleg here +audio and video bootleg here


lost interest... even Noel got bored of himself

10 April - Auditorio Banamex - Monterrey, Mexico (cancelled)



fans leave the gig again and ask for Liam again

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