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little man Noel Gallagher and the great music in the '80s

MILAN - ‎As the typical '80s Rubik's cube from Hungary (my friend very similar to him of the previous post, had Hungarian origins...), here's a recent photo of Noel the man with different faces... (wish he was the girl).
If you had all your ideas opposite to mine, I would respect you, but you continuously change everything about everything (and of course you also said you hate changes). This is the sign that he's a very insecure person... without Oasis, he's lost. In fact, he said he would like to be a guitarist in a band again and repeated that he could retire soon.
"Margaret Thatcher was one of the greatest leaders of a nation in the history of the world. I wish we had someone of her stature and wisdom leading Britain now. Now that she is close to passing away, Noel is showing exactly what a mean, despicable LITTLE man he is."

According to Noel Gallagher, great music was made IN SPITE of Margaret Thatcher... wait a minute: when? in the '80s. GREAT music in the EIGHTIES?! everybody knows the WORST decade for music was the Eighties, was even shite. As Paolo Hewitt says:
"Negli anni '80 la musica veniva giudicata in base ai dati di vendita e suonava insipida e fasulla; dopo avere ascoltato questi insulsi suoni, avevano deciso di fare ritorno ai fondamentali. Durante tutti gli anni '80 la musica dei Beatles è stata considerata assolutamente sorpassata, il che spiega perchè gran parte della musica prodotta nel corso di quel decennio faccia schifo: negli anni '90, invece, è tornata nuovamente in auge, e ha ricominciato a essere considerata un'influenza essenziale".
=it was crap, 'cause it wasn't influenced by the Beatles, and judged by how much it sold, just like Noel's album...
A few guitars and all those keyboards, just like Keane that Noel hates! And there's a series of bands and singers from the '80s that he hates (one as example: he deeply hates Michael Jackson. Then, Simply Red, Inxs, Phil Collins, George Michael, etc.). He talked shit about Michael Jackson also when he had just died... Noel has no respect at all for the death thing... like you, totally "inspired" (euphemism) by the Beatles... The key instrument was the keyboard (sorry for the pun :), in some cases I don't know what guitars were there for, and almost nobody was influenced by the Beatles, although John Lennon had just died in 1980.
We like that music 'cause it reminds us of when we were children but it was not really quality, especially if compared to much better music. There's no comparison with the '60s - Beatles & Rolling Stones, '70s - Led Zeppelin etc., '90s Oasis etc.
All the great '80s CULTURE Noel speaks about... hey, we were raised with TELEVISION.
In fact, on his blog he speaks about tv series and all those bullshit.
Noel always said there was great music as a REACTION to the "soon to be dead granny" (as he said, in style) Maggie, so it was because of her, and now he says "NOT BECAUSE"?! (even in capital letters!)
With your correction, now it's even worse, Noel sometimes you should just shut the fuck up.

I remember that if you were one listening to these songs in English language, you were "cool", 'cause it was the older brothers listening to them. I was a child, Noel in the '80s was much older, a grown boy who was going to clubs, discos, fell in love with some girl (or some BOY), and now he says the music of that period was great. It's great in his mind, just because it reminds him of those times. Again, as Paolo Hewitt says, Noel started with music with these things and put the disco music, house music refrains, etc. in his music.
‎"Noel non si dimenticò mai di come l'avevano fatto sentire quei gloriosi, trascendentali ritornelli house, che gli ricordavano tanto la musica irlandese e i cori da stadio; ben presto cominciò a inserirli nella propria musica, con effetti a dir poco devastanti".
that music I was saying, reminded him of football chants at the stadium.
That's why he still got that obsession with remixes, Chemical Brothers, Amorphous Androgynous, etc. When he started to remix Oasis songs, Oasis split up. I mean, that's not the reason, we already talked enough about it, but (to quote a great '90s song :) by Pulp), something changed.
I think real Oasis fans don't even like those remixes, they are CONSERVATIVE in music, they would KEEP Beatles-like music only. That was what Oasis were about.
Noel now says his 2nd album will be the new "Dark side of the moon" by Pink Floyd, yes yes, this is one of his ways to FORCE his kid-fans to like him.
"Negli anni '80, il pubblico musicale era diviso, e parlava dei diversi stili come se si fosse trattato di squadre di calcio: "Per chi tifi? Musica indie. Vaffanculo, amico, lo vince l'hip-hop, il campionato". Ora tutto ciò non esiste più. Negli anni '90 l'unica distinzione è tra musica di buona e di cattiva qualità, tra band di talento e prive del medesimo, tra gente in gamba e imbecilli: nel 1989 è caduto il Muro di Berlino, e con esso un sacco di altre cose".
of course, not even hip-hop was born in the '80s, but in the '70s. Same for rap, end of '60s then '70s.
In the'80s the music didn't even invent anything really important (if you don't think so, take it as a provocation), the keyboards and electronic music were coming from the '70s. Noel get over it.

For those who don't know, this is an Italian band, song for the 1975 horror film by Dario Argento "Profondo rosso" (deep red), one of the scariest you could see (with David Hemmings, the English actor from Michelangelo Antonioni Blow-up, the Swinging London-Carnaby Street-Pretty Green).
Italian progressive rock from the '70s.

Come on Margaret !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLLLLLLLL

I had already posted '80s songs, here's more

Noel admit it! you're gay! tells us you faggot on Grazia magazine and singing in falsetto!

Talk Talk (Mark David Hollis, fucking genius), It's a shame

Human League, Don't you want me
NOEL you turned into someone've got the world at your feet, success has been so easy for you, but don't forget it's me who put you where you are now, and I can put you back there too (how appropriate). Notice at 3:01 she's "dying" :)

Gazebo, I like Chopin
Italian artist in England. oh my God Noel, thank you for bringing some nostalgia! :-/
("Noel" is becoming part of the expression "oh my God - NOEL"...)

OMD Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Enola Gay
one for the person sponsoring these videos (copyright by Noel Gallyga): thank you Noel, Enola (containing the letters N-O-E-L...A - girl) Gay (Noelia)

The Style Council, Long hot summer
again, as for the clothes worn by British people, I'm sure Noel is AWARE that this is gay music (by his friend Paul Weller), in fact I remember when he always talked about forming a band and the people telling him: a band?! are you gay?! That was the culture from the '80s

Alphaville, Big in Japan (dedicated to the Japanese girl with the sign "Noel or die" - his fans are sick)
I'm picking some of the BEST eighties songs eh, there was also loads of rubbish

The Queen, It's a hard life (Oasis' Lyla video?)
I want to break free
the best band from the decade (again, Freddie Mercury & Roger Taylor- bisexual/homosexual), but it was from the '70s and had already made their best

Fleetwood Mac, Little lies
another one dedicated to Noel - I know you're reading me, you hidden bastard. One for all the lies you told. His fans are just the same as him. This is the band where he took the name "High Flying Birds" (and from Jefferson Airplane)

Culture Club, Do you really want to hurt me (do you really want to hurt you really want to hurt me behind... (it really must hurt). When we were soldiers, our captain was a legend from Rome, legend apart from one opinion he had about the future: "il futuro è il culo" (the future is the ass, lol) ...we say: "anche no" (also not, lol). Sounds like reggae...that of course was NOT invented in the '80s, but in the '60s, and then with Bob Marley.
the King (oops, the queen, lol), Boy George...reminds me of Paul Gallagher, the 3rd Gallagher brother...he used to dress as a woman...see, it's something in the family...

Frankie goes to Hollywood (our club in Milan :), Relax

this was one of the defining songs of the '80s, by the Italian good artist Raf, it was his beginning, singing in English

Kim Carnes, Bette Davis eyes
she was one of my insipirations when I used to sing (and Kelly Jones) for my rough voice-whisky effect :) 
I should try Noel's-Farinelli falsetto, but no girl castrated me. Not yet. Someone did with Noel, it's clear in his blog, problems with women, inferiority complexes, hair, etc.

A-Ha, Take on me

Spandau Ballet, True - there's also a cover by Noel around: "False".
I'll fly for you - the high flying birds for you... I thought it was the "gay pride"...the woman is one of those cases to hide homosexuality, it was still a shame. In Italian "bird" is not girl but the opposite: it means penis... The High Flying Penis.

Pet Shop Boys, West End girls
(the puppet is from Profondo rosso :)

Noel hates him

Antonella Ruggiero-Matia Bazar, Vacanze romane
this is Noel Gallaga singing in falsetto

"The fucking Smiths, you faggot. What's wrong with you?"
The lead singer was not to his liking. I guess Morrisey's irriverent and humorous songwriting was a bit too gay or student for him. (Of course) years later Noel would cite The Smiths as one of his first musical influences." (Tony)
Noel (early '90s): "L'altro giorno era il mio compleanno. Esco e incontro Morrissey degli Smiths per la strada. Penso: ne ho dette tante su di lui che ora mi concia per le feste. E' alto più di un metro e ottanta ed è molto robusto mentre io sono pelle e ossa e per di più tossicomane (mwahahaha), pensavo proprio che fosse pronto a suonarmele. Ci incrociamo, ci scambiamo qualche frase del tipo: come va? tutto bene?, ci fermiamo e cominciamo a parlare. E' andato tutto liscio finchè lui non ha notato la mia borsa piena di roba da bere: fai una festa? Sì, è il mio compleanno, gli ho risposto, e fra me e me pensavo: oddio, mi viene la tentazione di invitarlo alla festa. E pensavo anche: non farlo, non farlo. Ma intanto sentivo che le parole mi uscivano dalla bocca da sole: "perchè non vieni anche tu?" E lui: "d'accordo, a che ora dovrei essere lì?" Così sono arrivato a casa pensando che sarebbe stato meglio mandare tutto a monte. Poco dopo mi arriva questo messaggio di Morrissey che dice: "mi dispiace, non ce la faccio a venire ma se una volta avete voglia di andare a rubare nei negozi fatemi una telefonata". Simpatico. Sarcastico, un po' stronzo ma in gamba".

The Communards, Don't leave me this way
"what a fucking faggot".
=in Milan dialect: che brüt culatùn ahaha

Survivor, Eye of the tiger - film Rocky IV, Sylvester Stallone-Rocky Balboa, "The Italian stallion". Ivan Drago: "Io ti scpiezzo in due". 
Noel is a big fan of boxing, also for his friend Ricky Hatton (Manchester City big fan), and as my grandfather, the legendary Guido Zanella
(Noel's still talking about it on his blog)

Bananarama, Venus (one for when you're shaving your legs or other things, lol - THE Thing)

Dead or Alive, You spin me round (like a record) oh my God - Noel, forgive him / her

Elton John, Nikita - when Elton John (always insulting Noel and Oasis) still liked women (maybe), before the operation (lol). Just as many other cases, it was to hide his homosexuality

DeBarge, Rhythm of the night (in case you were missing some falsetto)

The Korgis, Everybody's got to learn sometime (God Noel too)

Michael Sembello, Maniac (Flashdance) here's again Noel the ballerina, as in the previous post

Soft Cell, Tainted love (did I mention fags today? lol)

Michael Jackson, Human nature - this was my favourite song when I was a child, I could listen to it for hours. If when I was a child I wasn't a fan of Jackson, I wouldn't have discovered Paul McCartney (duets with him) and then Oasis, so he was fundamental.
One of Paul's best friends, did have the rights for the Beatles songs (Noel Gallagher DIDN'T, even if he thinks he did), that's probably why he hates Michael (as Noel is jealous as fuck), we met Paul in 2001 for our literature prizes.
Noel is even jealous of hair, as I alredy wrote, and when there's something he can't have / can't be, he talks talks talks saying things about other people making them as if they were about him.

Nikka Costa, On my own (the man is her father) - this is even the first memory of my life. I was totally in love :). She was much "older" than me, but I was in love anyway. Just like Patsy Kensit ghghghgh She was born in Tokyo, discovered by the talent scout Tony Renis from Milan. Oh Jesus terrible nostalgia!

again, if you can help me someday to remember: there are 2 other videos, I'm sure they were from the '80s: in one (maybe they were English) there was something about an American flag and the army, and the other was in the garden of a villa, with keyboards, they were very popular songs but I forgot the names. The band/bands weren't famous, just "one hit and forgotten". But I think when we find out, we can say: oh that was easy :)

and now - special mention
Eighth Wonder, I'm not scared
(she's no scaredy cat as Noel - I'll take those 8 dogs away from her :)
(may lightning strike Noel if he's telling a lie)
with Eros Ramazzotti, La luce buona delle stelle (3:05 she sings in Italian)
David Bowie, Absolute beginners, film with Patsy Kensit and Italian scooters

excuse me for the hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (8)
again and again: love has no age. She's the woman buying me.
her son works @ a Pretty Green store...but no more blue cashmere pullovers, Liam promised me his ex wife (no problem that she's 2nd hand - oops, 3rd hand - oops, 4th hand - etc.). She had 4 husbands. In the future maybe 8 husbands (Liz Taylor?). They were all British men, she never tried an Italian. Patsy in Italy sounds good :D
Probably I've got to write A LOT of scripts for Liam... you know, those for his interviews... that's why they're full of mistakes ahaha, I'm speaking Britalian :)
This was my childhood shock (especially her dress going down @ Italian Sanremo festival 1987 when she was 19: Will you remember (Wil)Liam :) - from 1:15 her dress falls (same leopard dress from Liam), flashing a nipple. The shock of the flashing, lol (of the lightning - Oasis). A scandal for those times, especially in Italy. I do remember. They talked about this for days, weeks, months, years. I'm still talking about it, it's history :)
yes single Patsy, even though hearing your voice now you've clearly become a man - nowadays it can happen (LOL)
I've known a similar English girl recently but she seems to have too many problems with alcohol. Completely mad, not even our psychiatric hospital would accept her.

Foreigner, I want to know what love is Pretty Green's mother Patsy Kensit after 4 British husbands wants to know what love is - foreigner (lol)

Diana Ross, Upside Down  - title of Oasis' Creation Records film :). Some years ago the owner of Liam's favourite restaurant, that one by Como lake near Milan, gave to Liam some rarity stuff by Diana Ross as gift... now I don't accept any more Pretty Green cashmere pullovers from Liam. Only ex wives.

I could add many more (songs, not wives).

It's amazing to read on general tabloids the comments about Oasis from people who are not Oasis fans. Noel fans already don't know anything, can you imagine the people who are not even Oasis fans...
"Liam walked away from Oasis" (!!!) -> hundreds of people "liking" the comment.
It's always Liam's fault.

There's one of those ignorant websites supporting Noel (websites from "zones where they drink a lot"), full of mistakes in their own language and publishing wrong news, so influencing the poor readers, that had a poll with "Noel vs Liam": some months ago it was something like Noel 85%, Liam 15% ...just a few time and now it's already Noel 59%, Liam 41%. I knew... just because it was a new album. With time they're getting tired of it.
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