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MILAN - Photo: another one from the old times, with Meg, Kadamba and Noel eating shite fast food in a street.
As Alan says, openly admitting to liking Oasis is inviting to have arguments. I've spoken for hours to the biggest Noel's idiotic fan ever... I've had enough of them, I can say I know them well now. I'll write you about him on emails... it's unbelievable. But being a Noel fan... it's believable. They live in an unreal world, I'm even worried about them.
When you see him, you'll have a big laugh. Also because he's really big, wearing not Pretty but Flabby Green.
His main activity is clearly eating shite fast food. Big mistake... a good diet is the basis to be a healthy person, mentally and physically. I know he can only dream about Italian food.
First (?) case of person dying of jealousy. You know, in the world there are two main things: jealousy and ignorance. This one has them mixed.
I've received another one of those attacks of blind jealousy (insulting and even racist, attacking the whole Italian population, saying nonsense things) like many years ago from childish fans, you remember them... they're not doing so well now. I even felt nostalgia and a bit old. But putting myself at his incredibly low level, then I felt so young. I even thanked him, now I've known the depths of human stupidity. Meanwhile, luckily, real Oasis fans have grown, and of course they would never think of attacking me. But this one, being a new Noel kid, must have been offended by my attacks to Noel, without even knowing anything about me and even anything about Oasis. As a mouse trying to attack another animal, without knowing that it's not even a cat, but a lion, the poor kid had his attack transformed into an attack to himself. Come again to the lion's little "nest", please. It's not really like going to a low flying bird's nest.
This was even a sick one, sounding like one of those internet stalkers who need a doctor, but a good one. I've eaten him for breakfast, such a great start of the day, I didn't notice I was so cool and superior. I even feel honoured of having had him, I must be really right. So I'll continue on this road.
I've already told you how these new Noel kids are Noel fans but clearly NOT Oasis fans, 'cause we were well known for knowing everything about them (people even mocked us), and these ones don't even know the basics. And they call themselves Oasis fans.
It's as if I told you that the sun is yellow and the sky is blue, you don't need to be told about that, but this one must surely have some clouds and can't even see the sky. A high flying bird who can't even do this, must be really sad.
With this post I'm even making him more interesting than the pathetic wanker he is in reality. This kind of people attack people they don't even know, on internet only, so they feel safe (in the real world they would have their ass kicked). One can hate a celebrity, if he knows everything about him, giving reasons (followers are interested anyway, if they're intelligent people and listen to other people's opinions), but hating someone, that one doesn't even know, even on internet, must be really sad.
You know, there are some zones in the world where the Gallaghers would never put even a foot. And this one is clearly jealous that we can meet them so easily. It's the GALLAGHERS coming to us so often, not us going to them. He even thinks that knowing them, he says being "affiliated" to them, makes one a cool person. Wow... this maybe could have been true almost 20 years ago, but it wasn't. I remember the Oasis groupies in the '90s, they were their friends but really desperate fans, following Oasis everywhere, and I didn't even follow them 'cause they were ridiculous, they really looked like stalkers.
This "fan" typically thinks Noel and the Gallaghers in general are some divine people, who probably can't have friends.
Reading his pointless words, he must be jealous that we started Pretty Green here (why would Liam Gallagher have done it and not in his own places?), or that this website is on two official sites, or that Noel USED to be a friend ("use" in every sense), or that Noel loves us to the point of idolising us, saying things about us as if they were about him, I already told you about this. While Noel often talked shit of his people. Don't worry kid, hating and talking shit is his favourite activity. I told him to contact the official sites, they tend to notice the things they put on their own sites... but the poor kid is scared even of sending an email. He didn't grow some balls yet.
He says he wants a "proof" and "a photo"...ahahaha he must have missed whole albums. And 2 or 3 things... just 2 or 3 eh. He's not a very clever one. He says that if he's got a proof then he says "I'm the man" ahahaha as if I cared about a wanker saying that. I told him to open up his little town mentality, and to begin to travel in his life, to know things in the world. So maybe he can also meet Oasis and complete his life... as it seems a matter of life or death for him. His surname sounds a bit Japanese (he says his country is made of "immigrants") but he isn't Japanese (luckily for the nice Japanese people), you remember that sick girl there, writing "Noel or die", she was Noel's personal stalker.
For the lies, contact Noel Gallagher please. He's an expert in that. It would be nice to tell lies to look cool (but would it be so easy?), that's exactly what Noel does, as I explained recently. But unfortunately we live in the real world of normal people and it's not possible to do that.
You know, the people tend to think that the limits of their world are the limits of the whole world. While in reality every place has its own characteristics, good and bad ones.
Clearly, some Italian latin lover must have fucked a girl he wanted. We have finally learnt that Italian art is "shitty" (he must be the only one in the world thinking that, how rare... maybe he's an art critic) and that he doesn't "play some soccer like a pussy italian"... yeah those Italians, winning the World Cup 4 times when his country has hardly qualified.
He's proud to play violent sports of "contact" (football isn't eh), so he feels to be a real man, and says they can't even play football. He clearly has huge problems of inferiority complexes.
He says this website has "2 followers"... I wish they were really 2, so they would be really faithful fans, but sorry to tell you that we reached almost one million since last year only. As if I cared about how many people follow us... you know I even put things on purpose to make less people follow us, as for example attacking Noel. It would be nice to have really a few lucky ones. You remember that hater shouting "and I won't visit this site anymore!!!!!!!!!" ahahahaha I told him: that's what I wanted!!!!!!!!!
This one can't even speak his own language correctly (maybe the immigrants fault?), I can even speak it better than him, among the 7 languages I can speak. If he can't speak it, he can choose another language. He blames the phone he's using. Sounds like one of many Noel Galliga's excuses... Noel uses his phone to dictate things to another person to write on his blog. Not even able to use a computer, as he says.
The kid then refers to some old video where I wasn't even there, in fact we had wrote it below, that was a video made by a girl. He doesn't even understand that we do things for the fans, some things are said to make happy some fan that we know. Of course we can't say everything on internet and we can't put everything, for wankers stealing things. One of the most ridiculous things said is "you spend double the price for a Pretty Green jacket"...ahahahaha sorry to tell you but I don't even spend money for Pretty Green, Liam gives me as gifts.
The first time I saw Oasis was in Nottingham, August 1994, as you know. This one that month had probably his first nappies changed.
He must have confused me with Noel Gallagher, as if this kid was one of those tabloids confusing him. Sorry but I'm not Noel. Anyway, such a honour to be confused with such a big man eh...
The problem with this new generation is that they think that internet = real world. Even a little child would make a fool of them. They're really a lost generation. If you know some of them, it makes you unwilling to have children. This one could even be my son, but luckily he isn't. He couldn't have been my son, not one like him.
Again, he's one of those he says he "received 20 likes" about some bullshit he said on "Facebook", so he feels absolutely cool. He's a fan of Muse, Radiohead, Bloc Party and White Stripes (plus Harry Potter and Walt Disney's fantasy)... better not to let him know what his idols Oasis think about them...the brothers even agree about hating them, how rare. They wouldn't be proud of him. Clearly, for many reasons, they wouldn't want to have a totally uncool fan as this one.
His main problem, among many, is that he doesn't feel confident enough on the internet (and reading him, it seems the most important thing in the world), so he tries to attack people who sound confident.
This is the classic mistake by the new Noel kids. They think that all the world loves Oasis, loves Noel Galliga. Again for this too, maybe it could have been true almost 20 years ago, but it wasn't. In the world there are billions of people, and Noel Galliga has hardly 225,000 (blinded) fans (now only a few even among his beloved press, as he received 21 negative reviews), despite being around for 20 years, and his site has even less members than the Beady Eye's one. Also, many say they like Oasis just because "they like Wonderwall"... not really great fans eh.
The great majority of people around HATE the Gallaghers, because, these are still facts, they're arrogant, they say a lot of bad words, they have insulted everyone, at some points they're even violent, they beat each other even being brothers, can you imagine what they have done towards other people during the years, etc. The girls who are not fans, are even scared of them.
Besides, I know that for this ugly kid (fan of South Park...), they may be cool, but I tell you: girls who are Oasis fans, if you have known some, are usually really ugly. Of course if one wanted a beautiful girl, the worst place to find her is among Oasis fans. Go to some gig if you can, and let me know.
This kid thinks being "affiliated" with Oasis, makes you a cool guy. Not at all. Maybe this kid, as I've seen where he lives (he thinks he can do everything on internet, I even have his id number), has got his house inside a forest and knows primitive people only, savages. Such a pity that we can't meet this hero, 'cause he lives in some lost place forgotten by the world.
So of course he can't meet Oasis, and thinks that meeting them is the coolest thing ever. Wow, so maybe all the people here are cool? 'Cause meeting Oasis is one of the easiest things here. So cool that after almost 20 years I'm even avoiding some meetings with them, as we've had too many and we even have the chance of choosing them. What is still cool, is to meet some beautiful girls, but this kid is probably gay.

I will add more things to this post... check back, it's hilarious.
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lost interest... even Noel got bored of himself

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fans leave the gig again and ask for Liam again
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