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the solo artist you're loving is the reason why your beloved Oasis split

MILAN - Photo: another one who left the band because of Noel: Tony, even writing a book against him, that had to be titled "The Noel truth is nothing like the truth". Then there was Bonehead arguing with Noel, then Andy, who hates Noel, the "band members not supporting" (Gem included), of course Liam... more or less all of them against Noel.
Wondering why eh...
Guigsy maybe was just too weak.
So dear readers and email readers, where were we? (while we were getting high :) Oh it's Noel's copyright aha. Noel would say on his blog: "where was we? Those guys what.." etc., lol. How can you still be a fan of oasisblues, it's beyond me, lol. Mystery. You must be really huge Liam fans aha. But I don't want to manipulate you because of me speaking about Noel. Of course you must keep your ideas. There's already one manipulating. There's only one Noel Gallagher. (His fans would love this sentence).

Reasons why Oasis split, according to Noel:
- the brothers arguing (oh but didn't they argued all their life, and still arguing?)
- violent Liam (oh why only with you Noel?)
- the lack of support from the band members and management (oh why so many people against you Noel?)
- Pretty Green (oh we know you've always been jealous of Liam's style)
- Liam bullying the band (labelled "bollocks" by Andy: "he lies and manipulates the press, that's his life")
etc. (maybe it's also the ozone hole's fault?)
how come so many excuses from Noel?
as we said, Oasis split up simply because:
- he wanted to go solo (more or less since 2002, but the idea started with Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants failing).
Imagine you were a member of Oasis. So now it's not really respectful from Noel to use for the gigs so many Oasis songs that the other members contributed to make famous, singing and playing them on albums and around the world.
But Noel doesn't care and he blamed all of them for the split...
If he was such a genius, such a God, he wouldn't have had any lack of support from his own band members...and they would have followed God till the end of the world...
His fans also said: who wouldn't want to hear those classics. Me and other people, 'cause it's almost 20 years we're hearing them.
The solo artist you're loving is the reason why your beloved Oasis split.

Noel fans keep on ignoring so many things. They speak through their opinions and not facts. So then I also give my opinion. They don't even know the basics, as they showed so many times. Tonight when I was saying that Noel had to pay a lot of money for royalties to other musicians (facts, not opinions), I even heard that yes he had to pay for "Cigarette's and alcohol and I should go on the Wikipedia" blah blah...oh Jesus. No he didn't have to pay, for Cigarettes and alcohol (though it's too similar to T-Rex) and I don't know things through this Wikipedia... oh mamma mia, this must be the new generation.
They even said he's got a strong personality... Noel Gallagher? are we talking about the same person? He's a very insecure person. A scaredy cat, as Liam says. He knows him quite well eh. Taking music and things from other persons. He's insecure even in choosing to play Oasis songs, to be sure of not failing. How can be strong one for example moaning for months to the press that oh the poor victim maybe he wasn't able to be a frontman blah blah blah. They know him through the blog he writes where he's such a great hero, partying with supermodels and all, and they think he's strong because they've heard him insulting so many bands... that's a clear sign of insecurity. Also Liam is insecure, but a bit less. Me too, who isn't sometimes. You know I told you Liam has a sweet heart, lol. Fact.
When you say those things about Noel, they get offended and think that I'm "angry and aggressive"... just like what Noel says about Liam. Oh it's a honour, lol. Not angry nor aggressive at all, I'm calm and amused by their ignorance. I would love them to speak endlessly so I can write even more. I bet they're so much more nervous than me. In fact, they start to be racist, insulting and making me notice the mistakes in my English, when it's full of them in their own language. Usually I tell them: if you can't understand you own language, you can choose among 9 other ones I can speak. This is the English I have to write, because the great majority of Oasis fans are not of English mothertongue and they can understand only my simple English. Time ago I was even writing in Italian only, can you imagine how many Italians (and not only Italians) can't understand what I'm writing now, many don't even follow me anymore.
Those Noel fans imagine things about other people, I've seen loads of them doing this, following all the things Noel said manipulating the press. Then of course the great majority of people speak well of him and not of Liam, while if you knew them personally, you wouldn't do exactly the same... The oldest and closest fans know a bit more about this, in fact you can hear them saying things as: Noel didn't even use to sign autographs...
The "new fans" even say that with "parasite" I am insulting him... well, it was Liam saying that, and Noel said much worse real insults to Liam. Nobody had noticed them eh... I remember Noel often even refused to answer questions and just said a few bad words to Liam. And stop.
The same fact that I was a huge fan of Noel (to the point of writing posts with lists of things in common with him, to the point of childish "I think you're the same as me", I was "blinded by what I idolised"), and I'm not anymore, already says a lot about something wrong in Noel now.
Then they start again with the usual same old story of "Liam's voice is shite" or "Beady Eye suck"...oh but so they disagree with their idol Noel, who said many times that he likes them and that Liam's voice was and still is great. In fact, one who has heard it recently, would notice it has improved.
Or also the classic "Liam's songs for Oasis were shite" why did Noel say they were great, he said that about Songbird, I'm outta time, Boy with the blues, etc.
They also say: Beady Eye sound as Oasis b-sides... oh then they're even better than Oasis, as the Oasis b-sides were their best songs.
When I said Noel fans are not intelligent, I didn't mean to offend you. I meant that when one glorifies the brains, the genius, etc. when I have many doubts about it, I think it's a sign that those people have some lack of brains, or they'd like to have his alleged intelligence. It's the same when I "glorify" the fun of Beady Eye, it means that sometimes (often) I don't have enough fun (often it's not my fault but because of lazy people around), of course I admit that and all.
I think the point is that these Noel fans are just too young. But I don't mean to offend them with that. To be young is good for them. Who wouldn't want to be younger. "Kids", as Noel himself said two weeks ago and repeated last week. He said so because, being smart (I said he's insecure but I didn't mean he's really stupid eh) he wants his new band to sound perfect for a new young public... that means: a lot of money. Don't forget that Noel is extremely interested in money, as he always said (often: interested in money only), and already fixed the dates for September 2012. A lot of money to pay to Liam are expected...
They even say: "Noel wants no part of Oasis reunion"... so why was he the first one speaking about a reunion? I tell you why: his classic trick, to have Liam's reaction and so all the people saying he's an idiot who can't do anything without Noel. Are you so sure that he won't be part of the reunion? Don't forget that Noel Gallagher often said he's "interested in money only".

Tonight Real Madrid - Barcelona 1-3 dedicated to Noel Gallaga and his idiotic idol Mourinho.

Liam Gallagher tour 2017-2018-2019-2020-2021 gigography

30 May - O2 Ritz, Manchester, England
1 June - Electric Brixton, London, England
4 June - Rock im Park, Nürnberg, Deutschland
5 June - Pinkpop festival, Landgraaf, Nederland
10 June - Olympia theatre, Dublin, Ireland
11 June - Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland
14 June - Bergenfest festival, Bergenhus Festning, Norge
24 June - Glastonbury festival, England
6 July - Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Srbija
9 July - Festival Les Ardentes, Liege, Belgique
15 July - FIB festival Benicàssim, España
21 July - the Tall Ships Races, Turku, Suomi
23 July - Lollapalooza festival, Paris, France
28 July - McKittrick Hotel, New York City, USA
30 July - Rough Trade, New York City, USA
2 August - Park West, Chicago, USA
3 August - Lollapalooza festival, Chicago, USA
5 August - Osheaga festival, Montreal, Canada
10 August - National Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, Beijing, China
12 August - CR Shenzhen Bay Sports Center Arena, Shenzhen, China
14 August - Manila’s Mall of Asia Arena, Maynilà, Pilipinas
17 August - Zepp, Tokyo, Japan
18 August - Sonic Mania, Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan
20 August - Summer Sonic, Osaka, Japan
22 August - Jamsil Olympic Stadium Seoul, South Korea
25 August - August Bank Holiday Weekend, Leeds, England
27 August - August Bank Holiday Weekend, Reading, England
9 September - Dcode festival, Campus del la Ucm, Madrid, España
14 September - Vogue Fashion Night Out, Terrazza Duomo 21, (acoustic show), Milan, Italia
22 September - Reeperbahn festival, Hamburg, Deutschland
7 October - CalJam, San Bernardino, California, USA
29 October - Samhain festival, Weston airport hangar, Dublin, Ireland
30 October - Sse Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland
1 November - Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, England
2 November - BBC radio Theatre, London, England
7 November - Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London, England
10 November - Party in the Park, Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, United Arab Emirates
13 November - Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, USA
14 November - The Wiltern, Los Angeles, USA
18 November - Gothic Theatre, Denver, USA
20 November - First Avenue, Minneapolis, USA
21 November - The Riviera, Chicago, USA
23 November - Rebel, Toronto, Canada
25 November - House of Blues, Boston, USA (postponed)
27 November - Terminal 5, New York City, USA
29 November - Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC, USA (postponed)
30 November - Union Transfer, Philadelphia, USA (postponed)
3 December - First Direct Arena, Leeds, England
4 December - The Sse Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland
6 December - Pavilions, Plymouth, England
7 December - Alexandra Palace, London, England
9 December - Sleep in the Park, Edinburgh, Scotland
10 December - Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham, England
12 December - Arena, Birmingham
13 December - Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales
15 December - Brighton Centre, Brighton, England
16 December - Arena, Manchester, England
30 December - Falls festival, Lorne, Australia
31 December - Falls festival, Marion Bay, Australia
2 January - Falls festival, Byron Bay, Australia
4 January - Enmore theatre, Sydney, Australia
5 January - Forum theatre, Melbourne, Australia
7 January - Falls festival, Fremantle, Australia
12 January - Bitec Bangna Hall 106, Bangkok, Thailand
14 January - Ecopark Convention Centre Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia
12 February - Radio X rooftop, London, England
23 February - La Riviera, Madrid, España
24 February - Razzmatazz, Barcelona, España
26 February - Fabrique, Milano, Italia
27 February - Granteatro Geox, Padova, Italia
1 March - X-tra, Zürich, Schweiz
2 March - L'Olympia, Paris, France
5 March - Columbiahalle, Berlin, Deutschland
7 March - Ancienne Belgique, Bruxelles, België
8 March - Afas Live, Amsterdam, Nederland
17 March - Lollapalooza festival, Hipodromo de San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina
18 March - Lollapalooza festival, Parque O'Higgins, Santiago, Chile (cut, postponed)
22 March - Lollapalooza festival, Autodromo de Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brasil
27 March - Parque de la Exposición, Lima, Perú
13 April - Snowbombing, Mayrhofen, Austria, Österreich
10 May - The Masonic, San Francisco, USA
11 May - Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, USA
13 May - Sony Center for the Performing Arts, Toronto, Canada
14 May - Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Cambridge, USA
16 May - Central Park Summerstage, New York, USA
17 May - Festival Pier at Penn's Landing, Bala Cynwyd, USA
19 May - Lincoln Theatre, Washington, USA
27 May - The Biggest Weekend festival, Coventry, England
8 June - Northside festival, Aarhus, Danmark
10 June - Parklife, Heaton Park, Manchester, England
15 June - Malahide Castle, Dublin, Ireland
16 June - Ormeau Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland
21 June - I-Days Festival, Milano, Italia
23 June - Isle of Wight festival, England
29 June - Finsbury Park, London, England
30 June - Trnsmt festival, Glasgow, Scotland
5 July - Palladium, Köln, Deutschland
8 July - Les Eurockéennes, Belfort, France
10 July - Les Déferlantes festival, Argelès-sur-Mer, France
14 July - Latitude festival, Hanham Park, England
22 July - FIB festival Benicàssim, España
20 July - Vieilles Charrues festival, Carhaix, France
25 July - Stimmen festival, Lörrach, Deutschland
10 August - Sonorama Ribera festival, Aranda de Duero, España
12 August - Sziget festival, Budapest, Hungary
17 August - Rize festival, Hylands Park, Chelmsford, England
18 August - Emirates Lancashire Cricket Club, Manchester, England
24 August - Zürich Openair, Schweiz
25 August - Rock en Seine, Paris, France
15 September - Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, Marina Bay circuit, Singapore
13 December - Union chapel, London, England
5 June - Hackney Round Chapel, London, England
8 June - Medimex festival, Taranto, Italia
21 June - Metronome Festival Prague, Praha, Česko - Česká republika
23 June - Irish Independent Park, Cork, Ireland
26 June - Eden Sessions, Eden Project, Cornwall, England
29 June - Glastonbury festival, England
4 July - Collisioni AgriRock (literature and wine) festival, Barolo, Italia
11 July - Bilbao BBK Live, Bilbao, España
13 July - Pohoda festival, Trencin airport, Slovensko Slovakia
14 July - Atlas Weekend, Київ Україна, Kyiv Ukrayina
17 July - Moon&Stars festival, Locarno, Svizzera
18 July - The Granaries, Floriana, Malta
27 July - Cap Roig festival, España
28 July - Festival de Carcassonne, France
3 August - Mtv Unplugged, Hull City Hall, Hull, England
10 August - Smukfest, Skanderborg, Danmark
24 August - In the Park 19 festival, Helsinki, Suomi Finland
1 September - Fall in Love festival, București, România (cancelled)
7 September - Gibraltar Calling Festival, Gibraltar
14 September - Peaky Blinders Festival, Birmingham, England
21 September - O2 Ritz, Manchester, England
9 October - Chase Center, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
16 October - Viejas Arena, San Diego, California, U.S.A.
19 October - T-Mobile Park, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
21 October - Rogers Arena, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
24 October - Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
11 November - Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales
12 November - Birmingham Arena, Birmingham, England
14 November - P&J Live, Aberdeen, Scotland
15 November - The SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland
17 November - Utilita Arena, Newcastle, England
18 November - FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield, England
20 November - Manchester Arena, Manchester, England
21 November - M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool, England
23 November - 3arena, Dublin, Ireland
24 November - 3arena, Dublin, Ireland
26 November - Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham, England
28 November - O2 Arena, London, England
29 November - O2 Arena, London, England
6 December - Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane, Australia
7 December - Fairgrounds festival, Berry, Australia
9 December - Enmore theatre, Sydney, Australia
11 December - Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, Australia
13 December - Meredith Music Festival, Australia
14 December - Bird in Hand, Adelaide, Australia
17 December - Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, Australia
18 December - Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, Australia
20 December - Spark Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
(1 February - Spektrum, Oslo, Norge, cancelled)
2 February - Annexet, Stockholm, Sverige
4 February - Vega, Copenhagen, Danmark
5 February - Sporthalle, Hamburg, Deutschland (interrupted)
7 February - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Nederland
8 February - Forest National, Bruxelles, België
10 February - Palladium, Köln, Deutschland
11 February - Tempodrom, Berlin, Deutschland
13 February - Tonhalle, München, Deutschland
15 February - Palazzo dello Sport, Roma, Italia
16 February - Mediolanum Forum, Assago, Milano, Italia
18 February - Gasometer, Vienna, Österreich
20 February - Halle 622, Zurich, Schweiz
21 February - Zenith, Paris, France
12 March - Club Social music festival, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE (postponed for coronavirus)
13->18 April - Snowbombing festival, Mayrhofen, Austria (cancelled)
2 May - Beale Street Music Festival, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
24 May - Boston Calling Music Festival, Harvard Athletic Complex, Massachusetts, U.S.A. (cancelled)
12 June - Heaton Park, Manchester, England (cancelled)
18 June - O son do camiño festival, Santiago de Compostela, España
26 June - Tinderbox festival, Odense, Danmark
3 July - Rock Werchter, België
11 July - Trnsmt festival, Glasgow, Scotland (cancelled)
16 July - FIB festival Benicàssim, España
18 July - Latitude festival, Henham Park, England (cancelled)
19 August - Vital, Belfast, Northern Ireland
20->23 August - Cabaret Vert festival, Charleville-Mézières, France
28->30 August - Reading & Leeds festival, England (cancelled)
17->19 September - Metronome Prague Festival, Praha, Česká republika
19 September Summer sonic, Japan
16->18 October - Shaky Knees Music Festival, Central Park, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
29 October - NHS workers concert, O2, London, Great Britain
19 June - Rock in Rio, Lisboa, Portugal
10 July - Trnsmt festival, Glasgow, Scotland
27 June? - Lucca Summer Festival, Italia
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Beady Eye gigography and next tour dates


30 May - Forum, Milan, Italy (the first "Noeless" gig since 1991 when he didn't join Oasis yet)

summer tour without Noel


16 November - Andy Bell unplugged - Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden (bootleg)


3rd & 4th March - Barrowland, Glasgow, Scotland +here and here + bootleg
6th & 7th March - O2 Apollo, Manchester +bootleg 1 +bootleg 2
9th & 10th March - Troxy, London +bootleg 1
13 March - Casino de Paris, Paris, france
14 March - E-Werk, Koln, Germany
16 March - Alcatraz, Milan, Italy +dvd bootleg
18 March - La Riviera, Madrid, Spain +bootleg
19 March - Bikini, Toulouse, france
21 March - Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland (bootleg)
22 March - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium (bootleg)
14 & 15 April - The Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland here a bootleg image
17 April - Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland
20 April - O2 Academy, Newcastle (a photo here)
23 April - Centre, Newport (photo and bootleg)
30 May - Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany
+a photo here + win tickets here
8 June - Saschall, Firenze, Italy +my story here +bootleg here +win tickets here
11th June - Papillons de Nuit Festival, Saint Lo, france
12 June - Isle of Wight festival +story here and here +interview here +videos here +interview and bootleg here
25th June - Theater of Living Art, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
30 June - Rock Werchter, Belgium (bootleg)
1 July - Main Square Festival, Arras, france +a photo here
7 July - BBK Live Festival, Bilbao, Spain
9 July - Oxegen Festival, Naas, Ireland
26 August - Reading Festival (win tickets) +videos here +review&video here +bootleg here
3 September - AX Hall, Seoul, South Korea
14 September - Twinkle Rock Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
7 October - Atlantico, Rome, Italy +main bootleg here +another bootleg here
+win the concert here
11 October - Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland (postponed)
13 October - Gasometer, Vienna, Austria (postponed)
31 October - Theater Caupolican, Santiago, Chile
2 November - Teatro de Verano Ramon Collazo, Montevideo, Uruguay
3 November - Teatro Colegiales, Buenos Aires, Argentina
4 November - Personal Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina
5 November - Planeta Terra festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil
12 November - O2 Academy, Sheffield
14 November - O2 Academy, Birmingham
17 November - O2 Academy Brixton, London
2 December - The Warfield, San Francisco, U.S.A.
3 December - Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, U.S.A. +another complete review here +win tickets here and here
5 December - First Avenue, Minneapolis, U.S.A.
6 December - The Rave Ballroon, Milwaukee, U.S.A.
9 December - Terminal 5, New York, U.S.A.
10 December - House of Blues, Boston, U.S.A.


new tour


3 June - Abbey Road, London (acoustic) +bootleg here
7 June - McClusky's, Kingston (album launch acoustic gig)

8 November - Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland



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